Dying Light 2 Tips

In this Dying Light 2 we’ll be outlining some Tips and Tricks to help make your Dying Light 2 experience much better.

Dying Light 2 is finally here with all its parkouring and zombie dropkicking fun! However, before diving right into the thick of things, we think there are some things you should know. In this Dying Light 2 guide, we’ll be outlining some Tips and Tricks to help make your DL2 experience much better.

Dying Light 2 Tips

Dying Light 2 thrusts into the zombie-infested city of Villedor. There’s an overwhelming number of things to do in the game and lots of things to demand your attention. So, in this guide, we’ll lay out some general tips to make your DL2 playthrough way better.

Never try to Rush in the Game

Pay attention to the fact that DL2 gives you some room to explore the game and there is much time available to try different things and learn from them.

Too many activities aren’t introduced right at the beginning, so try taking part in the side quests and can have a deep look into the city.

Follow the Recommendations for Character’s Level

The current level of your character is the depiction of how much XP you have earned by completing certain activities and making progress in the game. Certain areas are gated by level recommendations for a reason. Try and abide by them or risk being overwhelmed.

Maximize Stamina

The higher the stamina, the more you’ll climb ledges or walls effectively. To increase stamina, players should search for inhibitors.

You can find Inhibitors in the main quests as well as different activities on the map to increase your stamina. Stamina or health can be maximized once, so since stamina is more important focus more on stamina than health.

Use Stealth Against the Enemies

Stealth is a neat mechanic that can get rid of enemies quickly. Hide and kill enemies with a single hit, or just simply avoid the fight by sneaking through it quickly. Stealth helps you to deal with enemies that are very difficult to handle using weapons.

Give More Priority to Inhibitors than Supplies

Players shouldn’t chase the supplies and loot, as they can collect loot by exploring several options other than activities as well. So, one should focus on activities providing you with inhibitors as a reward.

Focus on Clothing

Gear or clothing are very important as they each have some sort of stat tied to them. You can effectively increase your health and stamina and even things such as stealth and parkour. Make sure you have the right fit for the job.

Upgrade Surviving Sense using Clothing

Survivor Sense made with a combination of X-ray and radar helps you to select the item and place them on your HUD. Lasting for one second and ranging for up to 5 feet, Surviving Sense can be upgraded by using Medic or Radar gear.

Keep changing Weapons

Keep shifting between the weapons. After the weapon breaks, search and purchase the new weapons. You could try to repair but that’s a temporary solution.

Also, make sure that your gear matches with your weapon i.e tank gear for two-handed weapons and one Brawler gear for one-handed weapons. You can also reinstitute the weapon’s durability. To do so, add a mod, shaft, or grip. This will also enhance damage caused by critical hits.

Unlock new Skills and Earn XP using Parkour and Combat

Earn XP by using Parkour and Combat skill trees. Performing activities like punching things with the help of Combat tree or navigating the city using Parkour tree.

Cut the heads of Zombies’ to get Combat XP, while try jumping across the roofs to earn Parkour XP.

Improve Jumping using Skills

At the beginning of the game, you’ll feel it a bit hard to jump across different rooftops. Navigating the roofs and jumping over different walls is very important, so you need to enhance your jumping skills. To do so, skills like Firm Grip and Wall Run will help you a lot.

Use Faction Structures to Change Landscape

Peacekeepers and Survivors are the two factions in Dying Light 2. On completing each Facility, you can assign a structure to a faction.

When one assigns a Facility, the landscape around changes at all. For example, when you assign an area to Survivors, you can get Parkour Helpers in the form of Ziplines and Airbags.

Consider Time of Day

Infected Zombies prefer night timing the most, so you should move through the streets and roofs during daylight.

On the other hand, for going into the buildings prefer night timing when Zombies leave the buildings. However, Night Time bonus is also available that provides you with XP if you complete the quests during the night.

Unlock Maximum Possible Metro Stations

Metros allow you to move from one place to another quickly. There is one Metro Station in each District with some nighttime activity going on. By completing this side quest, Backup Generators will be restored, and Metro Station will be unlocked.

This is all for the Dying Light 2 Tips. We hope that this guide helps you to ace the game and complete quests quite easily and quickly.

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