Dying Light 2 Best Combat Skills Guide

Dying Light 2 offers players the opportunity to earn XP by doing different activities and unlock skills using the XP...

Dying Light 2 offers players the opportunity to earn XP by doing different activities and unlock skills using the XP that you earn throughout the game. The skill tree is divided into two parts; Combat and Parkour. In this guide, we will list all of the Combat Skills in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 Combat Skills

There are a total of 24 Combat Skills that you will be to unlock throughout the story campaign. These skills are unlocked with the help of Combat Points. You can earn Combat Points by killing Zombies or other enemies on the map.

Combat is one of the most important mechanics of DL2 as the whole concept revolves around it, along with Parkour.

Every skill you want to unlock will require you to unlock its initial skill. For example, the first Combat Skill that you will unlock at the start of the game will be Air Kick, followed by the next skill.

All Combat Skills in Dying Light 2

Here is the list of all 24 Combat Skills in DL2:

  • Air Kick: When you drop onto an enemy from above, you can hit them with a powerful kick.
  • Block Charge: Charging at an enemy while blocking will now knock them down.
  • Block Projectiles: Block projectiles thrown or shot at you like arrows and knives.
  • Deflect Projectiles: send projectiles back towards the attacker.
  • Dropkick: perform a powerful kick while jumping.
  • Grapple: throw attacking enemies to the side.
  • Grapple Throw: increases power when you grapple and throw, knocking thrown enemies down.
  • Ground Pound: While in the air, performs a powerful attack while landing.
  • Head Stomp: Stomp the heads of enemies on the ground.
  • Ledge Takedown: can now pull down enemies who are close to ledges.
  • Parkour Shot: can now use ranged weapons while parkouring.
  • Perfect Dodge: Dodging attacks at just the right moment will stagger your opponent.
  • Perfect Parry: Performing the perfect parry,will stagger enemies for a longer duration.
  • Power Attack: Perform a powerful attack that interrupts enemy attacks, breaks block and does increased damage.
  • Power Shot: Attacks with ranged weapons now have piercing damage.
  • Precise Aiming: Aim increased with all ranged weapons.
  • Serial Shot: Can fire up to 3 projectiles at the same time.
  • Smash: Dropping onto enemies from above will now smash their heads.
  • Smash Jump: Jump immediately after smash for another aerial attack.
  • Stab: you can now quickly takedown unaware enemies with a knife.
  • Stab Followup: Automatically throws a knife at another enemy in the vicinity after a successful takedown.
  • Vault Power Kick: Vault kick has more force and sends enemies flying.
  • Windmill: Perform an AOE attack that hits all enemies around you

Unlocking all of the Combat Skills in the skill tree will require 24 Combat Points.

Dying Light 2 Best Combat Skills

As it will take a lot of time and effort to unlock every Combat Skill, and more than half of the campaign will be over by then, we will suggest you focus on unlocking the following Combat Skills first.

Drop Kick

No Best Combat Skills list is complete without it, including the famous Dying Light 1 Drop Kick. It allows you to perform a powerful kick when you jump in the air.

You can kick any enemy off a building with the help of Drop Kick.

Perfect Dodge

Perfect Dodge is an important defense skill to use in combat that staggers your enemies when they come to attack you. Dodge at the right moment to stagger them.

Block Projectiles

This skill allows you to block incoming projectiles like arrows and knives. You can further improve the skill by unlocking Deflect Projectiles skill that deflects the projectile and sends it back to the attacker.


With the help of this skill, you can grab the attacking enemies and throw them to the side. This works best against volatiles that comes charging at you from far.

Perfect Parry

Perfect Parry is a must unlock that allows you to stagger your enemy after performing a perfectly timed block. This will trigger a slow-mo effect that slows downtime.

Power Attack

Power Attack allows you to perform a powerful charged attack that blocks enemy attacks and deals massive damage to them. However, a Power Attack cannot be blocked by the enemy.