How to Increase Health, Stamina and Immunity in Dying Light 2

We created this guide to explain how to increase Health, stamina, and Immunity in Dying Light 2 so you can increase your stats.

Dying Light 2’s world is as much of a parkour wonderland as it is a perilous one. So, Health and Stamina play a big role in the game. If you are finding yourself short of breath or on the verge of dying all too soon, stick to this guide and find out how to increase Health, stamina, and Immunity in Dying Light 2.

How to Increase Health, Stamina, and Immunity in Dying Light 2

The way for players to increase their stats in Dying light 2 is to find three Inhibitors to increase either stat once. You do seemingly get a good amount from just one upgrade, so they are very well worth it.

So much so that inhibitors are one of the most important resources in the game. So let’s see how you can find Inhibitors in DL2.

Where to find Inhibitors

Inhibitors are scattered all over the city of Villedor in DL2. Although they are usually inside GRE containers, these containers are locked in super hard GRE facilities. A final warning: most of these facilities are protected by a, wait for it, GRE anomaly, a boss infected, and hordes of the infected.

These areas are the toughest spots you’ll find in the whole of the open world. So, make sure you are ready for the challenge.

Easy Inhibitor Locations

The places we have identified below are inhibitor locations. Again, these are one of the easiest inhibitors that you could find in the game, and bonus the one in the chemical plant, which is a little harder to get than the other 2 gives you three inhibitors for the challenge.

Combine that with an early game story mission that leads you to a GRE facility, you will have 6 early inhibitors to increase your stats. That’s 2 upgrades.

You can also head to military supply drops. They just need a little agility to get to and are substantially easier than getting ones protected by an anomaly.

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