How to Repair and Upgrade Weapons in Dying Light 2

In this guide, we tell you How you can Repair and Upgrade weapons in Dying Light 2 as well as outline how you can craft mods.

Weapons are assets in Dying Light 2; As there are enemies in every corner of The City, if you don’t have good durable weapons, you’ll be dead in no time. In this guide, we tell you how you can Repair and Upgrade weapons in Dying Light 2.

How to Repair and Upgrade Weapons in Dying Light 2

Weapon durability in Dying Light 2 can be very inconvenient, especially if you don’t know how to repair your weapons.

However, repairing weapons in Dying Light 2 isn’t as intuitive as one would think. Weapon repair i.e., restoring a weapon’s durability, can only be done by applying Mods.

How to Repair Weapons using Mods

To repair weapons in DL2, mods are very important.  Each mod comes with 50 durability points. Depending upon the number of modification slots you have for the weapon you can have a 50-point boost for each slot. In case you don’t have an empty slot, you can’t install any mod and the weapon will eventually break.

You can also try some of the special modification blueprints like Reinforcement which says that it will decrease the durability loss of your weapon by 100%. However, this is not a guaranteed way of not losing durability, it just makes the process slow.

How to Install a Modification Blueprint

Installing a modification blueprint is very simple, you just have to open the inventory and then go to the weapon you want. You have to press the C button to open the modification menu and buy the blueprints from the Craftmasters.

Once you have a mod you can equip it all by yourself. You can also craft weapon Mods according to your choice and the method for that is also given below.

How to Craft Weapon Mods

To craft weapon mods in Dying Light 2 you have to go to the weapon menu and select the mod you want to craft. Here you will see the required material for crafting the mod.

The material is usually not much costly. You can either buy the required material from the Craftmaster or gather it from the Junk.

Unlike tools, for which you need Military Tech, you can collect most of the required material for weapon mods from a corpse. To collect scraps and rugs you can go to the nearest abandoned building.

In case you want high-end crafting material the only thing you have to do is go at night. You can explore the Villedor’s Dark Zones at night for special crafting supplies.

If you don’t like that you can also buy them for the Craftmasters. They will not only give you crafting material but can upgrade the recipes you already have. If you bring them the right material, you can also get your crafting recipe upgraded.

However, they will ask you for the infected trophies at first and eventually, the price will start to increase as you do more upgrades.

Weapon Repair Tips

While repairing your weapon in DL2 you have to keep a few things in mind. By adding mods to the weapons, you are increasing its durability not its lifetime, so we will recommend you to wield a weapon without any mods.

Once your weapon loses around 50-100 durability points, then you should install the first mod.

At the start don’t do many repairs because when you level up the quality of the weapon will increase as well. So, it is not the right time for investing in mods save them for the later part of the game and don’t rely on Reinforcement.

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