Dying Light 2 Best Parkour Skills Guide

In this guide, we’ll be going over every Parkour Skill in Dying Light 2 and the best ones you should unlock first

A perfect combination of horror and thrill, Dying Light 2 is finally here, folks! Bring with it it’s Zombie dropkicking Parkour fun! In this guide, we’ll be going over every Parkour Skill in Dying Light 2 and the best ones you should unlock first. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Dying Light 2 Parkour Skills

To get rid of deadly zombies and kick their heads off, players must possess some skills. In Dying Light 2, the skill tree is divided into two categories, Combat and Parkour.

Killing zombies and other enemies earns you XP for Combat Skills, whereas running and jumping on rooftops and across insane gaps gets you XP for Parkour Skills.

All Parkour Skills in Dying Light 2

There are a total of 24 Parkour Skills that players can unlock in DL2.

Here’s a list and description of all the Parkour skills you can unlock by gaining Parkour XP

  • Active Landing: Gives you a good landing without breaking the momentum and giving you less damage.
  • After Boost: After you’ve executed some Parkour moves, you receive a burst of speed.
  • Bash: Gives you the ability to be nonstop by bashing through opponents and other obstacles.
  • Crowd Runner: You’re able to run through enemies without losing any momentum and receiving much damage.
  • Dart: Your speed increases for a specific amount of time.
  • Dash: You can dash for as long your stamina lasts.
  • Double Jump: You can jump to even higher places while jumping off obstacles.
  • Enemy Jump: You can jump off enemies while in Dash or Dart.
  • Far Jump: Take any obstacle and use it to spring for a big jump.
  • Fast Climb: You can move faster on ledges when going up and to either side.
  • Firm Grip: It maintains your grip when you land on ledges from bigger heights and makes the last climb on ledges even when your stamina is gone.
  • High Jump: You can jump higher and reach higher ledges.
  • Landing Jump: After active land, you jump instantly.
  • Ledge Jump: You can jump while climbing on ledges to get further quickly.
  • Rotate Jump: You can turn 180 degrees while jumping.
  • Safe Landing: It increases the height from which you can land; however, you don’t receive any damage.
  • Sleek Runner: As you navigate tricky obstacles, it will increase your speed.
  • Slide: Let’s you pass-through holes and small areas when you slide.
  • Slide Jump: You can jump directly from a Slide without messing up your momentum.
  • Stealth Movement: While you sneak, your mobility and speed increase.
  • Tic Tac: Enables you to run alongside vertical platforms.
  • Wall Combo: Will combine Tic Tacs or Wall Runs.
  • Wall Run: Enables to run upwards on vertical surfaces.
  • Wall Run Jump: You can jump up during a Wall Run.

Best Parkour Skills to Unlock Early

Here’s a list of the best Parkour Skills to unlock first in Dying Light 2 and their requirements.

Fast Climb

Unlocking Requirements:  Firm Grip and 140 Stamina

This skill lets you increase your speed for climbing up the building and objects. It is an essential skill because enemies and deadly zombies will chase you. Therefore, having great climbing peed without losing much stamina is a must-have.

Far Jump

Unlocking Requirements: High Jump and 120 Stamina

This skill lets you use random objects as your springboard to jump even further. It is an excellent skill for you to use when the gaps are insanely broad and complex to jump over on their own.

Firm Grip

Unlocking Requirements: High Jump

One of the best skills to have when you’re low on your stamina. This helps you to land on a building or surface successfully and safely. With all of the running and jumping involved in Dying Light 2, this skill has your back to make sure you reach wherever you want.

Active Landing

Unlocking Requirements: High Jump

Active Landing is one of the basic skills you should unlock as soon as possible. You’ll be on random rooftops and ledges all time. With a lot of jumping and sprinting, it’s best to have a skill that will promise you a safe landing on the land. Active Landing keeps your health intact without having you receive significant damage.

Safe Landing

Unlocking Requirements: Active Landing and 140 Stamina

Following Active Landing, Safe Landing is also a great skill to have in your arsenal. Again, you’ll have safe landings with less damage no matter the height you’re in. Only crazy insane heights can kill you now.

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