How to Level Up Fast in Dying Light 2

We have prepared this guide to help you gain XP quickly and level up fast in Dying Light 2 so you are always ready for the challenge.

Surviving in a zombie apocalypse where the undead, as well as humans, want to kill you isn’t easy if you aren’t properly geared and leveled up. That’s why we have prepared this guide to help you gain XP quickly and level up fast in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 Leveling

Leveling up will help you improve your combat and parkour skills in Dying Light 2. These are very important as you will be utilizing these skills very commonly in the game. Not only that but DL2 also introduces weapon levels, which will need to be upgraded as the game progresses.

How to Level Up Fast in Dying Light 2

In DL2, there are several different ways to level up quickly. We have listed and explained all of them below.

Unlocking Metro Stations

You will be first able to access Metro Stations once you reach Central Loop, the second part of the map. Finding and activating these Metro Stations will allow you to gain combat points. So, this is a great way to level up your Combat level quickly. Not only does unlocking Metro stations provide great XP, but it also allows you to fast travel to these stations.

Night Bonus XP

In Dying Light, you will gain bonus XP for any activity you do at night time. This is because the threat of infected enemies at night is much higher, and you will have to face much stronger enemies as well. So, it is up to you to decide to go out at night to gain XP or not.

Raid Military Supply Drops

Another way of gaining XP and leveling up quickly is by raiding military supply drops. Go to a tall building and use your binoculars to scout the nearby area to spot these drops. Military drops can be spotted on top of tall buildings, and opening these drops will award you with a lot of XP.

Grind Gre Anomalies

Gre Anomaly has special zombie bosses, which can be accessed in special arenas. When you fight the zombies in the Gre Anomaly, you will receive a lot of experience by defeating them.

Clear Bandit Camps

In Dying Light 2, you can clear Bandit camps to gain a good chunk of XP as well as combat points. Bandit Camps are all over the maps and you can clear them to change them into safe zones and earn XP and combat points.

Parkour Challenges

Parkour Challenges are spread all around Villedor city, and you can complete them to gain Parkour XP. In these challenges, your objective will be to reach a specific point in the given time. If you complete it, you will gain a good amount of Parkour XP.

Chase Challenge

In the latter stages of the game, you will be able to activate Chase. Chase is a challenge that has 5 levels. The more zombies you face, the higher the difficulty of the pursuit. The longer you can survive against these zombies, the higher the XP you will gain from it.

Combat Challenges

Like the Parkour challenges, Combat challenges can be completed to gain combat XP. In this challenge, your objective will be to kill a specific amount of infected in the given time.

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