Diablo 4 Unique Armor Guide

The unique armor of Diablo 4 gives you the most defensive stats possible, making them a crucial gear piece to have in any build.

The unique armor of Diablo 4 gives you the most defensive stats possible, making them a crucial gear piece to have in any build.

Once you reach World Tier 3 after hitting level 50, you will be able to farm unique items in Diablo 4 to loot the best unique armor possible.

Below is a list of all uniques you can hope to find in D4 depending on your RNG luck. They include helms, gloves, pants, boots, and chest armor.

All Classes

Andariel’s Visage

  • Type: Helm
  • Aspect: This unique armor grants resistance against poison. Moreover, you have a chance to trigger a poison Nova that does poison damage for a few seconds to all the foes that are caught in it.  

Harlequin Crest

  • Type: Helm
  • Aspect: This causes a damage reduction. Moreover, it increases all the stats, reduces the cooldown time, and increases the maximum life.

Fists Of Fate

  • Type: Gloves
  • Aspect: All of your attacks deal more damage than normal. It also restores the primary resources and you might get a chance to heal.


  • Type: Gloves
  • Aspect: Causes the enemies to freeze for a few seconds. Moreover, it increases the freeze damage and restores the primary resources.

Penitent Greaves

  • Type: Boots
  • Aspect: Your boots will leave a frost trail and any foe standing on it will get chilled. You will also deal more damage to chilled enemies. It also increases the movement speed.

Razor Plate

  • Type: Chest
  • Aspect: You gain thorns to return damage to enemies.


  • Type: Pants
  • Aspect: It increases the Potion Drop rate and also gives you a chance to heal. The effects that are used to heal beyond 100%, will grant you a barrier that will stay for some time.


100,000 Steps

  • Type: Boots
  • Aspect: You cast a Ground Stomp and gain some Fury. This happens after you have gained the final damage bonus from the Walking Arsenal Key Passive. But this can happen only once in 30 seconds. Moreover, you do more damage to stunned foes. It also grants you more dexterity.  

Gohr’s Devastating Grips

  • Type: Gloves
  • Aspect: The whirlwind bursts and causes fire damage to the enemies that are caught. It increases the attacking speed and grants Fury on Kill.

Rage Of Harrogath

  • Type: Chest
  • Aspect: Grants you a chance to cause a reduction in Cooldowns of your non-ultimate skills by a few seconds when you cause Bleeding on Elites. It grants you thorns and increases the damage for the bleeding enemies.


Insatiable Fury

  • Type: Chest
  • Aspect: Your true form changes to Werebear and all the Werebear abilities are enhanced. Overpower damage and physical damage are increased.  

Mad Wolf’s Glee

  • Type: Chest
  • Aspect: Just the same as Insatiable Fury. It only grants more poison damage and movement speed.

Storm’s Companion

  • Type: Pants
  • Aspect: It increases the Companion Skill Damage and Companion Movement. The companions get the power of the storm. It deals lightning damage to the enemies and it also grants Howling ability to the companions.   

Vasily’s Prayer

  • Type: Helm
  • Aspect: Your earth skills become your Werebear skills. It also increases maximum life and grants the spirit of kill. Moreover, the damage is increased when shapeshifted.


Blood Artisan’s Cuirass

  • Type: Chest
  • Aspect: Upon picking at least 10 Blood Orbs, you will spawn a spirit that will cause damage to the enemies based on how much health you have left.

Deathless Visage

  • Type: Helm
  • Aspect: The Bone Spear creates echoes and they travel across the battlefield, inflicting damage to the enemies. Moreover, it increases the Essence.

Greaves Of The Empty Tomb

  • Type: Boots
  • Aspect: The Lucky Hit applies shadow to enemies over time. It also increases the Essence cost reduction as well as intelligence.

Howl From Below

  • Type: Gloves
  • Aspect: The Corpse Explosion doesn’t explode right away, instead it summons a skeleton that rushes to an enemy and then explodes causing massive damage.


Cowl Of Nameless

  • Type: Helm
  • Aspect: It increases the maximum energy and reduces the cooldown time. It is best for crowd control purposes and it grants you more dexterity.

Eyes In The Dark

  • Type: Pants
  • Aspect: It causes more damage to the Elites. Moreover, the shadow damage is increased. It grants you more attacking speed and it also increases the damage to all the trapped foes.

Grasp Of Shadow

  • Type: Gloves
  • Aspect: If you hit a Vulnerable foe with a Marksman or a Cutthroat Skill, you have a chance to call a Shadow Clone. It will replicate all of your moves. It also increases the attacking speed.  


Gloves Of The Illuminator

  • Type: Gloves
  • Aspect: The Fireball doesn’t travel straight, instead it bounces and smashes the ground and causes explosions. But each successive explosion has lesser damage. Moreover, it grants a chance for a critical strike.

Esu’s Heirloom

  • Type: Boots
  • Aspect: It increases Shrine Buff Duration as well as movement speed on Elites. It also increases the Dodge Chance while Evading.  

Iceheart Brais

  • Type: Pants
  • Aspect: All the foes that die while they are frozen will grant you a chance to unleash a Frozen Nova. Moreover, it grants more damage to the frozen as well as injured enemies. It also increases acceleration.

Raiment Of The Infinite

  • Type: Chest
  • Aspect: The Teleport will attract the enemies and will make them stunned for a few seconds. It increases intelligence and deals more damage to the stunned enemies. Moreover, the damage dealt with enemies that are closer is more.  

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