How To Reset Dungeons In Diablo 4

The reset dungeons button has been removed from Diablo 4, so you now need to know about the new way to do a dungeon reset.

One of the many farming tips in Diablo 4 is to know how to do a dungeon reset. This is because dungeons contain a ton of enemies with a greater chance of farming XP for levels, gold, and most importantly, legendary gear.

In the beta, there was a “reset dungeons” button that you just had to click to do a dungeon reset in Diablo 4. That one-click solution respawned all enemies and bosses in the dungeon to let you farm them all over and over again.

That, however, has changed in the live version of the game. The reset button has been removed, so you now need to know how to actually reset a dungeon in Diablo 4.

How to do a dungeon reset in Diablo 4

There are two ways to reset a dungeon in Diablo 4 depending on whether you are playing solo or in a party.

Wait at the dungeon entrance

The first and foremost way to do a dungeon reset in Diablo 4 is to leave the dungeon and wait for it to reset. However, there are a few caveats here to know about that process.

The dungeon will not reset if you fast-travel (portal) directly to a town. While that technically qualifies as leaving a dungeon, what you need to do is make your way back to the dungeon entrance after completing the dungeon.

Either walk/run back to the dungeon entrance or open your emote wheel and select the “leave dungeon” option.

You can also portal out and return, but only from the initial (starting) area. If you portal from the latter section, you will be automatically locked to that dungeon.

In the same vein, you can open your map and click on the staircase icon to leave the dungeon as well. In doing so, you will be teleported outside and at the start of the dungeon.

Once you have reached the dungeon entrance, all you have to do is wait for a couple of minutes for the dungeon to reset and its enemies and boss to respawn.

Leave the party

Leave the party to reset the dungeon in Diablo 4

The fastest way to reset a dungeon and farm it back to back in Diablo 4 would be by doing it with a party member. You can also do this with a random player and having a party member will also result in granting you an experienced boost as well.

This will also allow you to clear the dungeon faster with your party and the faster you do it, the more dungeons you can reset and also loot faster in terms of farming XP, Gold, etc. as well in Diablo 4. So to do that you can start by becoming the host and inviting your friend to your party. Then as usual clear the dungeon and collect the juicy loot.

Once you are finished with that dungeon, before exiting the dungeon leave the party by right-clicking your name and then selecting the Leave Party option. This way you will come at the entrance of the dungeon, and you won’t be in a party anymore.

So you can invite your friend again and after they join you can re-enter that dungeon again and this way it will instantly reset for you in Diablo 4.

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