Diablo 4 Kehjistan Stronghold Locations

Kehjistan is one of the five main regions of Diablo 4 with another three strongholds for you to clear. Here are their map locations.

Kehjistan is one of the five main regions of Diablo 4 with another three strongholds for you to clear.

Similar to the others, you can expect to find plenty of enemies to try your skills on and a boss at the end of each Kehjistan stronghold to defeat for some loot.

Here are the map locations of all three strongholds in the Kehjistan region for you to rack down in Diablo 4.

Altar of Ruin

Altar of Ruin stronghold location in Kehjistan, Diablo 4

Located on the northern border of Kehjistan, Altar of Ruin is sandwiched between Amber Sands and Fields of Hatred Subsections. Sadly, there are no fast travel points near this Stronghold. You can reach it by traveling south along the Scarred Coast in the Dry Stepps region.

The Recommend Level to complete this Stronghold is level 45. The basic enemies in this stronghold are the typical cultist you encounter around the map.

However, the main boss Dark Cardinal Maldul is tricky to defeat. Many players find this boss fight hard due to the constant onslaught of his minions. However, with the correct evasion tactics, you can easily take down Maldul.


Alcarnus stronghold location in Kehjistan, Diablo 4

Alcarnus is located in the middle of the Kehjistan region. It can be reached by traveling to the border between Scouring Sands and Amber Sands.

There are many fast travel points in its proximity, the closed is a village in its south-east known as Zarbinzet. Travel straight to the northwest from Zarbinzet to reach Alcarnus.

The recommended level for approaching the Alcarnus Stronghold is level 45. It is an old tomb filled with Necrotic Masses which cannot be killed. You need to avoid them completely by running to the next section of the Stronghold.

The final boss of this stronghold is known as Rashta. You have to fight her two times to complete this stronghold. The boss’s name changes to Rashta Reborn in the second fight.  

Omath’s Redoubt

Omath's Redoubt stronghold location in Kehjistan, Diablo 4

It is the southernmost Stronghold in the Kehjistan region. Three passages can be used to enter Omath’s Redoubt.

One of them is located in the western edge of Fields of Hatred while the remaining two are in the eastern section of the Southern Expanse.

The entrance located in the Fields of Hatred is blocked, but you can still enter the stronghold by climbing a ledge located a few steps west.

It is recommended to reach at least level 47 to complete this stronghold. Once you enter this stronghold, you will see 4 marked locations on your map. You need to travel to each of them and perform an action.

After that, the main boss High Priestess Hadar is spawned. She is a necromancer that used ranged moves with high damage.

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