How To Socket And Remove Gems In Diablo 4

Knowing how to socket and remove gems in Diablo 4 is crucial as doing so will provide useful effects. Here is the detailed process of i!

Diablo fans will be familiar with the importance of gems in Diablo 4 which make a return. These small upgrade items are added to your existing gear and provide useful effects.

These change depending on where you put them. To add a gem to a piece of gear, it needs to have sockets in which to add them. You can socket gems easily on your own in Diablo 4 but to remove them, you’ll need to visit a Jeweller.

In order to take full advantage of gems, you need to know how this system works in the game. To help you in this regard, we have written a detailed article on how you can socket and remove gems in Diablo 4.

How to socket gems in Diablo 4

It is quite easy to put gems in the sockets on your gear in Diablo 4. In order to do so, you need to have an empty socket on the gear in question.

First, ensure that you have a gem and a piece of equipment that has a socket. Then, grab the gem with the cursor and drop it onto the item.

You will see the gem now placed inside the socket hole and will see the effect it provides. 

How to unsocket gems in Diablo 4

Removing a gem in Diablo 4 is equally as important as knowing to socket it. For this, you will need the Jeweller. These are NPCs found in the town hub designated with the gem icon on the minimap.

But jewelers are available later on in the game once you have reached a certain level. Once that’s done, go to the jeweler and open the second tab on the left to “unsocket”.

Select the gear you want to unsocket and then the jeweler will remove the gem for you in exchange for some gold. The higher the item rarity, the more gold is required.

You can also remove a gem from a socket in Diablo 4 by salvaging it at a blacksmith. However, this also destroys the item so only do it if you don’t need the item.

How to craft gems 

Crafting gems in Diablo 4 has you combine lower-tier gems into higher-tier variants. You can’t craft a gem from scratch and you need some to upgrade. Doing so will require a small amount of gold and three gems from the previous tier.

Once you have them, visit the jeweler and select the first tab from the menu on the left. The option to craft gems will be present if you have the required items.

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