Cyberpunk 2077 Disasterpiece Main Job Guide

The Cyberpunk 2077 Disasterpiece main Job requires you to save Evelyn Parker.

Disasterpiece in Cyberpunk 2077 is the main job you must complete during the Automatic Love questline. It will unlock after completing “The Space in Between” mission and rewards players with 992 Street Cred, 58 XP, and 1964 Eddies upon completion.

The quest giver for this mission is Judy Alvarez. During the Disasterpiece, you must save Evelyn Parker, an NPC and a living sex doll. The recommended level to start this mission is 8 or higher as it has a Moderate Danger level.

I will take you through all the objectives of the Disasterpiece’s main job in Cyberpunk 2077 and the choices you get in it.

Talk to Judy

The first objective of the Disasterpiece mission is to talk to Judy, who will be worried about Evelyn. Judy will be leaning on a handrail outside Fingers’ clinic on Jig-jig Street. Converse with her, and she will tell you she thinks Evelyn is dead already.

You have to comfort her through the dialogue options, and it will lead you to choose the “I’ll take a look around Jig-Jig- Street” or “Let’s give the dark net site a shot” option. If you choose the former option, you will be led to the local sex shop, while choosing the latter will give you an optional objective.  

Ask about XBDs on Jig-jig Street

Choosing the latter of the options mentioned above leads you to this objective of Cyberpunk 2077 Disasterpiece main job. You must interrogate the shopkeepers on Jig-Jig Street about XBDs until you get info on an XBD dealer. 


Locate a terminal and find the Pleasures of the NC domain

Now, your next objective will be to gain access to the Pleasures on Night City website, which can only be done through their terminal on Jig-jig Street.

Three terminals will be available for you, and you can go to the closest one by following the yellow path on your mini-map. After making your way to the terminal, click the Net option, and the Pleasure of Night City website will be displayed.

Now, your aim is to breach the Login page by entering the Cyberpunk 2077 Disasterpiece computer code. This can be done by clicking the [LOG IN] option, leading you to a Sequence Breaching mini-game. Play it, and you will be logged into the website.

Find an XBD dealer on the net and Visit the Sex Shop

Once you have finished the mini-game, you will gain access to the encrypted data. Now select the Braindances option. This will lead you towards the search for the XBD dealer.

If you visit the sex shop while talking to Judy before, you will find a vendor there who will give you info on the XBD dealer. This will update your next objective: search for the XBD dealer instead of the Pleasures of NC terminal in Cyberpunk 2077.

Find the XBD dealer on Jig-Jig Street

Now follow the marker on your mini-map, leading you to the XBD dealer somewhere underground near Jig-Jig Street.

Converse with him and choose the “Need a special braindance” dialogue option. He will also suspect you of being a cop, and you can choose to reply to that. Continue the dialogue till the dealer shows you his inventory in Cyberpunk 2077.

Pick the XBD: Deep-Fried Death’s Head Moth item from the dealer’s inventory, and he will sell it to you for one grand, which will update your objective.

Meet Judy at her van

After purchasing the item, you must follow the objective marker to Judy’s van, just a few meters from where you met the XBD dealer. Judy will ask you to enter the van once you get close. Select the “[Put on headset] Ready” option to start viewing the Cyberpunk 2077 Braindance in Disasterpiece.

Some players also reported a Cyberpunk 2077 Disasterpiece bug in which Judy doesn’t spawn at her van. To fix this bug, you need to restart the job.

Analyze the braindance and find out where it was recorded

Watch the braindance and analyze it. This objective can be completed by scanning three specific items highlighted in yellow. The first is a pizza box, which will be lying on a table next to the wall.

The next item is a Lab Suit with the Electric Corporation logo. You will find this behind the female scavenger, with a yellow highlight around it. The last one is the Buck-A-Slicewhich, which is on the table next to a female scavenger.

Exit the Cyberpunk 2077 Braindance when ready

Now, you can exit the braindance after you have scanned the three highlighted items. Judy will offer to ride with you. You can choose to accept it by selecting the “Sure” dialogue option or reject it by going for the “[Get out] We’ll meet there” option. If you agree to ride with her, she will take you to the old power plant on Charter Hill with the drive cutscene in between.

Meet Judy in front of the old power plant in Charter Hill

You will get this objective if you select the get out option from the dialogues. You can follow the marker and meet Judy at the location, who will be waiting for you in her van. Once you locate Judy’s van outside the old power plant, enter it to update your next objective.

Reach the main building

Now, you have to get out of Judy’s van and find a way into the main building, which can be done in many ways. The easiest way to do this is to look for the wooden stack near the van and climb it.

After climbing it, go down the hallway to the room where you will see an NPC in front of a screen watching the news. Get rid of him and then disable the security system from there.

Now drop down to the ground level and go to the main building. This can be done by fighting all the enemies on the ground level or simply through the unlocked back door on top of the forklift.

Find a way to the sub-levels in Cyberpunk 2077

Once inside the main building, head southeast to find the stairs leading to the level 1. Make your way to the stairs by fighting the enemies in the way. You can also stop to collect all the loot found on this level of the building.

Now, start going down the stairs and follow the yellow marker. It will lead you to a door labeled “No entry.” Meanwhile, Judy will inform you that she has found a way and is coming to join you.

Now, with Judy by your side, you have to get to level minus 2, where they are suspected to be keeping Evelyn.

9 Technical Ability Room

You can also choose another path by entering a room here if you have 9 Technical Ability in Cyberpunk 2077. You will encounter a few enemies here, and you can grab the loot present here after taking them down.

5 Technical Ability Room

You can enter another room through the office room if you have 5 Technical Ability to get the maximum loot.

Wait for Judy to distract the Scavengers

This is an optional objective triggered by Judy releasing some gas into the room. This gas will disperse the two enemies found in the room, and then you can take out one of the enemies while Judy takes care of the other.

Find Evelyn in Cyberpunk 2077 Disasterpiece

After that, your objective will be updated to finding Evelyn, and a marker will appear on your mini-map. Keep going down the hallway while following the marker leading to Evelyn. Several enemies down this route, so watch out for them and take them out on the way.

You should do this part of Cyberpunk 2077 Disasterpiece in Stealth mode, but you can go loud. You will find Evelyn Parker on the floor, leaning against a bed with a cable hooked to her. Go over to her to complete this objective.

Grab the cable, and after that, enter the Elevator

Now you have to grab the cable and signal Judy when you are ready through the “[Grip Cable] I’m ready” option. This will lead you to grab the cable Evelyn is hooked to and take it out.

Now, you can pick her up and go to the elevator on the side of the room. The Cyberpunk 2077 Disasterpiece mission will be complete once you enter the elevator, and you will receive the rewards.

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