Cyberpunk 2077 Disasterpiece Walkthrough

In this Cyberpunk 2077 Disasterpiece walkthrough, we will guide you through the Disasterpiece main job and will tell you everything related to this mission, including the choices you should make and items you should pick. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Cyberpunk 2077 Disasterpiece

Disasterpiece is one of the main jobs or missions in Cyberpunk 2077 as you make your legend in Night City as V. In this job, you have to find Evelyn Parker using Braindance and the clues you will get from the Braindance.

Illegal Braindance Inquiry

The job starts off with a talk with Judy. She will go downstairs, and you have to follow her. After that, you either have to call Wakoko or visit her shop on Jig-Jig street to inquire about the illegal Braindance.

This option will be viable only if you have rescued Sandra and collected the reward from Wakoko. Otherwise, you have to ask around Jig-Jig street yourself or use the dark net site for this purpose.

If you choose to talk to Wakoko yourself, go to Wakoko’s Pachinko Parlor and inquire about the XBDs with the Death’s Head Moth.

She will point you towards the Sex shop on Jig-Jig street. Go there and make your inquiries from the Vendor. He will then point you towards an XBD Dealer on Jig-Jig street.

Go there and buy the XBD: Deep-Fried Death’s Head Moth. It will be the one with the exclamation mark on it and will cost you 1000 Eurodollars.

Analyzing the Braindance

Judy will be waiting for you in the van. Head there and get inside the car. Analyze the Braindance and look for clues.

Playing the whole Braindance in Playback mode will be a good option as it will tell you about the whole scenario and also familiarize you with the surroundings.

Restart the Braindance and switch to the Visual layer and pause the Braindance at 0:10. You can find four things there:

  • Cardboard Box
  • Scav Woman
  • Netrunner
  • Slice of Pizza

Now play the Braindance and then pause again at 0:16. You will find the Scav that was dragging the Netrunner.

Now play the Braindance and then pause again at 0:23. You will find an Electric Corp Patch hanging on a pole.

Pause the Braindance again at 0:36 and look for a Coffee Cup on the Table, Pizza and a patch that will point you towards the location of Evelyn.

Exit the Braindance and Judy will take you to the location.

Rescue Evelyn

When you reach your destination, Judy will ask you to find a way inside. There will be a destroyed car right in front of you and besides that car, there will be a door. Open the door using the Technical Ability.

There will be a camera on top of the main entrance. Make sure you don’t get caught by the camera because that will alert the nearby Scavs.

Turn off the camera and then grab the Scav near the entrance of the main building and kill her. Then dump the body in the dumpster.

Sneak your way inside the building and do a quick sweep of your surroundings using the Scanner.

You will encounter 6-7 Scavs in the main building, including the Scavs that were outside the main building.

Eliminating these Scavs won’t be difficult as there will be a lot of loot and cover around you. Make sure to look for loot everywhere you go.

Once you have eliminated everyone on the ground level, head down to the sub-level 1 and Judy will join you there.

Open the gate of the Sector-1 and you will find a dumpster and Evelyn’s clothes on your left side. Further down the hallway, there will be a room with 2 Scavs talking.

There will be a camera in that room. Use the camera to scan the room and know the position of the Scavs.

Eliminate the 2 Scavs and move towards the other door. There will be 1 more Scav near that door and 3 more after you pass that door. Use explosives to eliminate them quickly.

Then head down to the Sub-level 2 and you will find yourself in a Maintenance room.

Eliminate the person silently and then look for a laptop and breach it. After that, proceed towards the yellow marker.

You will find yourself in a room with 4 Scavs. Eliminate them and destroy the surveillance camera. Keep moving towards the yellow marker and you will enter Sector-3.

Follow the yellow marker to find Evelyn. Once you find her, wait till Judy cut her link. Go near Evelyn and Grab the cable and wait for Judy’s signal.

Pull the cable out and get her somewhere safe, fast using the elevator. That will conclude this Job.


  • Avoid getting caught by the cameras as it will alert the nearby enemies.
  • Take cover if possible.
  • Use explosives where possible instead of shooting with your gun.
  • Use the Grab and kill option to not attract the nearby enemies.
  • Always look around for cameras before doing anything. Hack it to scan for enemies’ position and to look for loot or destroy it.
  • Once you have eliminated all Scavs in one room, then look for loot everywhere. There will be a lot of interesting loot for you in this Job.

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