Church of Elleh Location In Elden Ring

Church of Elleh location is at the beginning section of the game in Limgrave, south of Gatefront Ruins. You can find Ranni at this church.

There are many notable locations in Elden Ring that are linked to various activities and storyline objectives. One of these famous locations is the Church of Elleh. This location is one of the first areas you will come across when you start your journey in The Lands Between.

Our guide will brief you about the Church of Elleh Location in Elden Ring and what is important there.

Where is this Church of Elleh in Elden Ring?

The Church of Elleh in Elden is located in the west of the Limgrave region near the coast. It can be found on the south of the road from the Gatefront Ruins.

The Groove Side Cave and the First Step are the nearest Sites of Grace to the Church of Elleh.

What is Important at the Church of Elleh?

Church of Elleh holds great significance and there are many activities it is notable for.

The first and foremost is that you will find Renna aka Ranni Witch who is a very important NPC in Elden Ring for the first time in the Church of Elleh. She will give you the Spirit Calling bell which you can use to summon Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring.

You will also find the Merchant Kale in the Church of Elleh who sells one of the best armors in Elden Ring. Apart from that, you will also access the Smithing Table which you can use to upgrade your weapons using the Smithing Stones. You can also find the Lone Wolf Ashes at Church of Elleh which can come in very handy during the early stages of the game.

Near the Church of Elleh is the Tree Sentinel enemy Boss which will drop Golden Halberd when you defeat him.

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