Renna Location In Elden Ring

The first location of Renna is in Church of Elleh. The second Renna location is in Three Sisters area after Caria Manor.

Renna in Elden Ring is a helpful NPC easily recognizable from her four arms that will reward you with the skill to summon Spirits whenever you need them. Renna at first can be located at the Church of Elleh, where you can speak to her to get Spirit Calling Bell.

Afterward, you can meet Renna again later in the game, while completing Ranni’s The Witch Questline. If you are having issues with Renna’s locations, here is a complete Renna guide with all the information you require to find Renna and complete her quest.

How can you find Renna?

Elden Ring offers players a variety of questlines that they need to complete to ace the game. To begin these quests, you first need to find NPCs related to them. The first meetup with Renna is a shorter one and won’t trigger any quest, however, as you meet her the second time you will get a quest that you can complete for different rewards. Let’s discuss both locations in detail:

First Interaction With Renna

For the first time, you can interact with Renna at the Church of Elleh. Starting for First Step Site of Grace, travel north and you will reach Church of Elleh, where you can then find Renna sitting on the wall.

church of elleh location elden ring

However, you” ll only be able to interact with Renna after you’ve spoken to Melina as she gives you the torrent. Renna will spawn after your interaction with Melina. Thus, the third site of grace in the field, head back to the Church of Elleh and find Renna there.

As you speak to Renna who is Rani in actuality which will be exposed to you later in the game, tell her that you are the master of torrent. She will then give you Spirit Calling Bell as a reward.

Second Interaction With Renna

By the time, you meet Renna for the second time, you got to know about her real identity as Ranni the Witcher. To meet Renna for the second time, you need to head towards Liurnia of Lake, and then get access to Three Sisters inside Caria Manor. Caria Manor is full of haunting enemies and to access Three Sisters you first need to defeat the Spirit version of Royal Knight Loretta.

Once, you enter Three Sisters, there you” ll find three towers, which are Renna’s Rise, Ranni’s Rise, and Seluvis’s Rise. Unlike the other two, which are protected by enemies, Renna’s Rise is sealed.

How To Access Renna’s Rise

To access Renna’s Rise, you first need to enter Ranni’s Rise and speak with Ranni and the top. Ranni will give you a task where you need to reveal Nokron with Ranni’s servant. To get access to Nokron, you need to defeat General Radahn. As you do it, Fort Haight’s ground will break open by a star making a way that leads to Nokron’s upper areas.

Go into this pit, and you now need to fight with Mimic Tear Boss at Siofra River Aqueduct. After defeating the boss, you will get access to the Site of Lost Grace. As you stand at this Site of Grace, you will notice there’s a roof exactly before the Grace. Go down, and at the bottom, you will see a huge skeleton.

Now, is your time to fight against Silver Tear Giant. After defeating it, you can now get Fingerslayer Blade hidden inside a chest right below the statue. Once, you have the blade, go back to Ranni, give her the Blade, and you can now access Renna’s Rise.

Elden Ring Renna Not Appearing, How to Fix

Apart from a random bug sometimes, which can be cleared as you reload, there can be some other reasons why Renna doesn’t appear. This makes it difficult for you to get Spirit Calling. The primary reason for Renna not appearing at Church is that you’ve taken too long after your interaction with Melina to reach the Church.

However, there’s nothing to worry about as you can still get Spirit Calling Bell if for some reason Renna isn’t appearing. Melina, as you progress through Elden Ring, will introduce you to Roundtable Hold. Here inside this Hub area, there’s an NPC Twin Maiden Husks. You can purchase Spirit Calling Bell from his shop.

There is another method you use to make Renna appear at the Church of Elleh. You can check the method in the video below: