How to Upgrade Weapons in Elden Ring

Obtaining a few weapon upgrades early on in Elden Ring can make a tough task much more manageable, as does finding a skilled blacksmith to upgrade those weapons substantially more than you can on your own. The following guide will explain exactly how you can upgrade your weapons with ease in Elden Ring.

How to Upgrade Weapons in Elden Ring

There are two items you’ll need to start improving swords, shields, staves, axes, and other weapons, aside from the weapon itself: a type of smithing stone and a smithing table, both of which can be found pretty early in the game.

The first smithing table can be located at the Church of Elleh, immediately at the start of the game. The smithing table is to the left of the merchant at this position.

You’ll be able to strengthen armament if you engage with it. You can improve your weapons and shields up to +3 from here. This smithing table however can only take you up to +3. So you’ll have to go to the Roundtable Hold’s blacksmith, Smithing Master Hewg, to get over that.

The next steps are the same as before. Depending on the weapon, upgrade your weapon to +10 or +25 by using the proper type and amount of smithing stones.

When it comes to upgrading weapons, you’ll have to account for both normal and special weapon types. Regular smithing stones are required for normal weapons, whereas Somber smithing stones are required for special weapons.

A normal weapon may be improved to a maximum of +25, however special weapons can only be upgraded to a maximum of +10. Keep in mind that special weapons are usually given out in exchange for conquering enemies or revealing secrets.

Upgrades not only boost a weapon’s initial damage output but also improves scaling. Weapons upgrade with specific stats, and the better the upgrade, the greater the influence of a given stat.

A weapon with an E strength scaling level, for example, will be less affected by the strength stat than a weapon with an A strength scaling level. This scaling stat will, however, rise when you upgrade your weapons.

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