Elden Ring Golden Halberd Location Guide

This guide will explain just where to find the Golden Halberd, an extremely powerful Holy weapon, in Elden Ring.

The Golden Halberd is possibly one of the best weapons in Elden Ring to inflict holy damage on enemies. In that vein, the following guide will mark the Golden Halberd location in Elden Ring for you to go to and find the weapon.

Elden Ring Golden Halberd Location

The Golden Halberd can be found near the start of the game through the Tree Sentinel, located in Limgrave.

The player must defeat the Tree Sentinel boss in order to gain the weapon along with a bonus reward of 3600 runes, which will be helpful in strengthening your character in the later stages of the game.

Tree Sentinel can be a bit challenging to defeat in the early hours of the game. He is a powerful mounted Knight and players basically only just entered the Limgrave area.

Ideally, you should wait a bit before challenging the Tree Sentinel in your quest to get the Golden Halberd.

Once you have acquired your own horse Torrent and the ability to summon spirits, then you should attempt to fight the Tree Sentinel.

After players have dealt with the Tree Sentinel, simply loot his corpse to collect the Golden Halberd, one of the best weapons in the game capable of dealing Holy damage.

In addition, the weapon comes boasting the Golden Vow Ash of War which gives your attack and defense a significant boost.

That and a buff to all allies in a radius to reduce the damage sustained from enemies. A player can also take the Golden Halberd to the next level by upgrading through the Somber Smithing Stones.

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