Best Spirit Summons In Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, you can summon spirit ashes to help you in battle. Some are better than others. Here are the best spirit ashes in Elden Ring!

In Elden Ring, there are many spirit ashes you can find and call to aid you in battle. Spirits also serve the purpose of distracting your enemies or bosses so that you can rest and regenerate and come back stronger. The spirits can be brought into the game using Spirit Ashes. Some spirit summons are better than others and you need to know them in order to be effective. We will now look into the best spirit summons in Elden Ring. 

Best Spirit Summons to use in Elden Ring 

Elden Ring has many spirit ashes, each with different attributes. Some spirit summons will allow you to call multiple allies while some will only call out a single NPC. The best Elden Ring Spirit Summons are given below. 

1) Black Knife Tiche 

The Black Knife Tiche is one of the best spirit ashes in Elden Ring. She is fast and has heavy attacks but the best thing about her is the special attack. 

This special attack allows her to toss a knife that has the Rune of Death on it. This knife, when used, will start to drain the HP of the enemy for a short amount of time. This makes fighting even very difficult enemies easier. 

The Black Knife Tiche spirit ash can be found when you defeat the Ringleader Evergaol boss, located in the Moonlight Altar of Liurnia of Lakes. After defeating him, he will drop the spirit ash. She costs 132 FP to summon. 

2) Mimic Tear 

The Mimic Tear is a unique spirit ash and a favorite of many players. The Mimic Tear copies what you have at the time of summon. It creates a spirit that mimics you. The Mimic Tear spirit ash does not cost any FP, it cost about 660 HP when used. With this high HP demand, it is better utilized by physical builds that have enough health to spare. 

The Mimic Tear Spirit Summon gets strong as you get strong. It is best utilized in mid to late game, when you will have the necessary gears and skills to lay waste to your enemies. 

The Mimic Tear can be acquired by opening a chest located behind a fog in the southwestern area of Nokron, Eternal City. You will need a Stonesword Key to open the chest. 

3) Latenna the Albuneric 

Latenna the Albunaric spirit ash does damage using bows and arrows. This Spirit ash will attack from a distance and will not move from the place you put her. 

Latenna the Albuneric spirit summons costs 74 FP. She is best utilized in large and open areas, where she can be a vital part of the fight. Place her far away so she doesn’t get hurt and she will fire arrows engaging enemies and suppressing their advance.  

Latenna the Albuneric spirit ash can be found in Luirnia of Lakes. Here you will have to talk to Latenna at the Stumblering Wolf’s Shack and bring her the Secret Haligtree Medalion. When you show her the medallion, she will offer you this spirit ash as a reward. 

4) Banished Knight Oleg  

The Banished Knight Oleg is a spirit ash that wields two swords and has fast attacks, especially his wind attacks. The Banished Knight Oleg has heavy armor and a lot of health which can be helpful in battle. He is one of the earliest Spirit Ashes you can find in Elden Ring. 

The Banished Knight spirit summons costs 100 FP but it is worth the investment. He can indulge the enemy and keep the enemy’s attention firmly on him. He doesn’t do insane damage but functions as a tank for you. 

The Banished Knight Oleg spirit ash is dropped at the end of the Fringe Folk Hero’s Grave Dungeon after winning the boss fight. To enter the dungeon, you will have to find the Swordstone Keys and you will need two of them to unlock the dungeon. The dungeon is near the Site of Grace Stranded Graveyard. 

5) Lhutel the Seadless 

Lhutel the Headless Spirit Ash is a tanky spirit. She will attack using her spear and also wields a greatshield. She will also throw her spear as a ranged weapon. 

She can also teleport to avoid hits and confuse enemies. Other than that, she is primarily useful for her high health which allows her to distract enemies and take a massive amount of hits. Lhutel the Headless spirit summoning costs 104 FP. 

You will get Lhutel the headless when you head towards the weeping Peninsula and complete the Tomsward Catacombs. 

6) Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff 

The Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff is spirit ash and an all-rounder because of his excellent offensive, defensive, and ranged abilities. The knight deals heavy damage when using melee attacks using his spear. In the defense department, the knight has a shield that blocks a wide variety of attacks.. The knight costs 108 FP to summon. 

The Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff also do ranged attack using his staff to send lightning bolts onto enemies. He fires 7 lightning bolts at the enemy which deal a considerable amount of damage. 

The Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff spirit ash can be found outside the royal capital of Leyndell. Here look for the Sainted Hero’s Grave. 

7) Omenkiller Rollo 

Omenkiller Rollo Spirit Ash is a big spirit ash that wields massive machetes. This spirit ash fights by repeatedly striking using his machetes which deal bleeding damage over time. These machetes also help in breaking the stances of enemies allowing you to crit them. He also breathes fire to crowd control larger amounts of enemies. 

The Omenkiller Rollo spirit summons costs 113 FP. If you have a bleed build, you can fight in tandem with Omenkiller and do massive damage. Unfortunately, he does not have a lot of health and won’t be able to tank a lot of hits. 

You can get the Omenkiller Rollo Spirit Ash by heading towards East Altus and visiting the Bridge leading to the Divine Tower. Here you will have to defeat the Fell Twin Bosses and they will drop this Spirit Ssh. 

8) Nightmaiden and Swordstress Puppets 

Nightmaiden and Swordstress puppets Spirit Ash will summon two fighters. These puppets will fight together and will use a mix of different ranged weapons and melee weapons to fight enemies. The Nightmaiden and Swordstress puppets cost 97 FP to summon. 

The puppets will also confuse the enemy by employing a strategy that when one is hit, it goes back and the other one takes its place. The Nightmaiden and Swordstress puppets don’t have much health, but they can be a great way to distract enemies.  

The Nightmaiden and Swordstress puppets’ spirit ash is located in the Eternal City. You will have to visit the Nokstella and go to its southern region. The spirit ash are found in a chest that can be opened using a Swordstone key. The chest will be guarded by two Nightmaiden foes. 

9) Ancestral follower 

The Ancestral Follower is a large horned beast that attacks using bows. The Ancestral Follower will also summon a large axe and defend itself at close range main it an all-rounder Spirit Ash.  

The Ancestral follower spirit summons costs 86 focus points, but it is worth it. The Ancestral follower is not as tanky and fast as other spirit ashes, but will get the job done against a wide range of bosses and enemies. 

You can get the Ancestral Follower spirit ash by going to the Siofra River. Here you will have to defeat the Ancestor Spirit. To access this fight, you will have to turn on the eight torches scattered throughout the Siofra River area. 

10) Bloodhound Knight Floh 

Bloodhound Knight Floh spirit ash is fast-attacking spirit ash that deals bleed damage to enemies. It cannot tank many hits, but it makes up for it with its offensive capabilities. 

The Bloodhound Knight Floh is similar to the Black Knife Tiche but it doesn’t have the Rune of Death dagger. They both are agile, but Bloodhound deals more melee damage than Vlack Knife. The Bloodhound Knife cost 95 FP to summon. 

The Bloodhound Knight Floh can be acquired from a chest. To get to it, you will have to complete the Gelmir’s Hero Grave in the Mt. Gelmir region. When you have defeated the Red Wolf of Champion, you can open the chest. 

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