Bravely Default 2 Wrecked Institute Walkthrough

The Wrecked Institute is yet another dungeon that you must traverse in Bravely Default 2, and in this walkthrough, we’ll help you find your way through it whilst detailing the enemies you’ll face and the chests that you can collect along the way.

Bravely Default 2 Wrecked Institute

If you’re here from Chapter 2, then we suggest you come back later when the Main quest takes you here and you are at least Level 34 as the Enemies are really strong!

You will face Short Cait, Dragon Shieldbrearer, Goldgoyle, Sagari and Ruined Mageling here. All of these have various weaknesses that you must use to your advantage.


The area is very confusing. As soon as you spawn, go straight and then east, where the paths split to find yourself going closer to your objective. From this location, you need to go southeast to reach the first chest containing 14700 pg.

Return to the main area and go on the path going up. At the end, turn east to find another open area with a chest nearby in the west, containing Hyper Bracers that can give you an ATK Boost. Keep going east and as you reach the split, go east again and then when you reach another split, turn west.

You will reach the next chest, but it is well guarded, so you need to deal with the enemies to get a Large JP Orb.

Now go back to the last split and continue north till you see a portal on your north. Behind the portal is another open area.

You can go to the next chest and go to the southern area instead of going through the portal and you will reach a dead-end but with a chest containing Medium JP Orb x2. Now that you are through the portal go to the upper left path and then go south to find Fluted armor in the chest.

Now from the main area, go south and then west to reach a split with multiple paths. Go north and reach the chests containing Giant’s Helmet and Hammer Mace. Be careful as there is an ambush here.

Now back to the slit south from there, follow the long path to reach a save point. Use it and use the tent to regain health so you can battle the final boss.

If you’ve reached here before the main quest takes you here, then bravo! But the boss fight won’t happen. However, if you’re clearing the Wrecked Institute as part of the main quest, you’ll face off against Vigintio!