Bravely Default 2 Jaws of Judgement Walkthrough

This guide will help you get through the Jaws of Judgement dungeon in Chapter 3 of Bravely Default II. We’ll navigate you through the Bravely Default 2 Jaws of Judgement dungeon as well as highlight the chests you can find along the way.

Bravely Default 2 Jaws of Judgement

Once you are done with Gwydion, exit his chamber and use the portal to get back to the entrance of the cave and go back to Rimedahl.

As you enter Rimedahl, head upstairs back to the courtyard where you first saw the girl jump from the cliff to be judged for her crimes as a fairy.

Here, a cutscene is triggered when another girl, Margaret, is accused of being an associate of fairykind and is being trialed. Margaret also happens to be the daughter of Father Rhydion, a high-ranking priest.

Head up the stairs on the left side of the bridge to the house on the top to get to Father Rhydion. You tell him of your meeting with the Lord of Dragons and ask Father Rhydion to help gather some resources relating to the judgment.

Father Rhydion asks you to meet him in the Inn where he will talk to you. As soon as you descend the stairs and are about to enter the Inn, a few people start talking about the judgment that has started.

Rush back to the bridge to get to the courtyard. Here, another cutscene triggers where Margaret is forcefully pushed off of the cliff on account of being an associate to fairykind.

You fail to make it in time and Margaret falls off. Father Rhydion wanders the streets for some time then goes to search the caves that link to the Jaws of Judgement. You, being the good guys and all, are concerned about him and decide to follow him to recover him from any harm.

Before you head on into the Jaws of Judgement dungeon, it’s best to stop, rest and replenish your supplies. Once you are ready, leave town and head up the north path. Keep an eye to the west, where the entrance to the cave can be spotted.

Jaws of Judgement Dungeon

Before you start this Bravely Default II dungeon, know that there are many ice patches in Jaws of Judgement. These make you slip, but you retain a bit of mobility. Other than that, the cave is pretty easy to get through.

Follow the spiral path down until you reach the quest marker leading to the next area. Skip it and head on down to get the 1st chest.

Head toward the entrance to the next area. Once in, follow this path forward until you can turn into the next area. Skip it and continue down to the 2nd chest.

As you go through the entrance to the next area, get to the next entryway and go in. Circle around the path to get to the 3rd chest.

In the same area, head down until you reach the Dungeon Portal and save spot. From here, go on ahead to get to the 4th chest.

Head back to the save spot and take the entrance to the right. Follow it and across the bridge, then around to the icy split. Turn right here for the 5th chest.

Go back to the icy split and move left to another area.  Move around the path until you see the entrance on the left, head inside.

You will notice the ramp below you and above it are some blue ice patches followed by the path. You can slide into the area below, just take slow and get around to the bridge that leads to the 6th, 7th and 8th chest.

From the same area, go ahead and down to another entrance. keep going until you see a break in the route and go down, then left to reach 9th chest.

Return to the break mentioned before and now go left and down. keep going left from the save point to grab the 10th chest. Three Merciless Souls will pop out. Defeat them to get the reward.

Follow to the save point and enter the door to trigger the next cutscene. You face off against Helios and Gladys together.

Helios and Gladys Boss

Helios has lower health and should be the first priority as he is the healer. Gladys is stronger and can counter attacks. Helios is weak to Wind and Darkness, whereas Gladys is weak to Earth and Light.

With both Helios and Gladys gone, you now work to take out the corrupt Archbishop. You automatically return to the town and then move on from here