Bravely Default 2 Enderno Walkthrough

In this Bravely Default 2 Enderno walkthrough, we will be covering the Enderno village in Bravely Default II. We will be telling you about all of the things of interest, collectibles, and side quests in Enderno.

Bravely Default 2 Enderno

From the starting point, head north towards the little path to collect Power Bracers from the chest nearby. Be careful, as enemy snakes are lurking around, and they can be a pain to deal with if they gang up on you.

Now head west and follow the river to find another chest containing 5480pg. Keep going south until you see Truff standing out in the open. He has a side quest for you.

After meeting Truff, go west, and you will see another chest. You will be ambushed by enemies when you approach the chest. Deal with them and collect the Alastor.

You will reach the village of Enderno. It’s a fairly quiet place with not much going about. You can go inside the house on the left for Truff’s side quest, or you can go to the house on the top right for another side quest.

This side quest has monster difficulty, so it’ll be difficult for you right now. You can always come back to it when you have the appropriate skill and gear.

That’s all you can do inside Enderno. Now head north, cross the bridge, and you will find another chest with Healing Blooms inside.

Follow the river to cross the frozen water. You will find another chest with a Safety Ring inside. Now you need to head west towards Rimedhal. You will eventually come across a large rock.

There are another ambush and chest on the north side. Kill the enemies and loot the Arctic Wind from the chest.

Head west towards Rimedhal, and eventually, a cutscene will be triggered, and you will meet Gwilym. Gwilym will accompany you as you enter Rimedhal.

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