How To Get The Bright Steel Ring In Remnant 2

The Bright Steel Ring carries significant importance in Remnant 2 because of its unique ability to ignore your armor weight.

The Bright Steel Ring appears as a simple silver ring with a smooth exterior and engravings on its underside in Remnant 2.

This one carries significant importance among all available pieces of jewelry in the game because of its unique ability to ignore your armor weight for increased evasion.

You can purchase the Ring from Reggie in Remnant 2 after meeting certain prerequisites. Here is what you need to do.

How to get Bright Steel Ring in Remnant 2:

You can purchase Bright Steel Ring from Reggie for 500 Scrap but to make the ring appear in the shop you will have to complete 15 biomes in Remnant 2.

In order to meet the biome criteria, you must reroll the worlds until you have completed 15 different areas by finishing all available objectives. This can be accomplished in any mode, including adventure, campaign, solo, and co-op.

The quickest way to achieve this is by playing solo in your own world, either in story or adventure mode completing all of the exclamation mark objectives and defeating the main bosses.


While the general threshold for achieving this is 15 biomes, some players have been able to find it after completing only 10 or up to 18 biomes, so be sure to check Reggie’s Shop once you’re close to that mark.

Reginald Malone or Reggie for short is a general goods merchant who sells consumables, grenades, amulets, and rings. He can be found near Mudtooth in Ward 13 sitting at a table playing chess but due to random map generation, his exact location cannot be pointed out precisely.

Remnant 2 Bright Steel Ring Vendor Bug

A lot of players have experienced a bug related to Bright Steel Ring in Remnant 2 where the ring does not appear in Reggie’s Shop even after completing the biome requirement.

The main cause is unknown but has been tied to the vendor or character slot getting bugged. Unfortunately, there is no available solution at the moment for the moment.

Bright Steel Ring effect and stats

Regardless of your armor type and weight, you can do the fastest evade while wearing the Bright Steel ring in Remnant 2. This means that you can run heavy-weighted armor with fast dodge instead of the traditional “belly flop” evade.

The main drawback is that the Stamina Cost remains the same as the armor you have equipped so while heavy and medium-weighed armor sees the most benefit with evade speed, it is not much useful for other sets.

Bright Steel Ring is best suited for heavy-armor builds in Remnant 2. Any Class can use the ring but the Engineer, Challenger, and Medic Archetypes with defense-oriented builds will find the Ring to be a perfect fit in their builds. It removes the slow-evade penalty from these tanky builds so you can still withstand heavy damage without the belly-flop maneuver.

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