How To Get The Bright Steel Ring In Remnant 2?

Heavy armor usually slows your movement in Remnant 2, but with the Bright Steel Ring, you can roll and dodge quickly no matter how heavy your armor.

The Bright Steel Ring is a game-changer in Remnant 2. It allows you to maintain the fastest dodge roll speed regardless of your armor weight. You can enjoy the defensive benefits of even the heaviest armor without sacrificing mobility.

To get the ring, you must visit a specific merchant named Reggie after completing a hidden requirement and completing a set number of biomes in Remnant 2. This guide will detail the steps to unlock the ring and explain where to find the merchant who sells it.

Bright Steel Ring Location in Remnant 2

remnant 2 bright steel ring location

The ring is bought from Reggie near the Mudtooth in Ward 13. Before you can do that, you must complete 15 biomes either playing Solo or Co-Op in adventure or campaign mode. All you have to do is reroll your mode, choose your difficulty, and complete different quests and objectives tied to them. Once you’ve completed the biomes, you can go to Reggie near the Mudtooth in Ward 13 and purchase the ring from him.

Bright Steel Ring Effect and Stats

Regardless of your armor type and weight, you will not reduce your dodge and roll speed while equipping the Bright Steel ring in Remnant 2. The main drawback is that the Stamina Cost remains the same as the armor you have equipped. So, while heavy and medium-weight armor sees the most benefit from evading speed, it is not very useful for lighter sets.

Bright Steel Ring is best suited for heavy-armor builds. Any Class can use the ring, but the Engineer, Challenger, and Medic Archetypes with defense-oriented builds will find it a perfect fit.

Remnant 2 Bright Steel Ring Vendor Bug

Many players have experienced a bug related to Bright Steel Ring in Remnant 2 where the ring does not appear in Reggie’s Shop even after completing the biome requirement.

The main cause is unknown but has been tied to the vendor or character slot getting bugged. Unfortunately, there is no available solution at the moment for the moment.

Some players have reported that the ring becomes available after defeating the final boss, while some have acquired it right after 10 biomes. Another reason for not finding the Bright Steel Ring is that it no longer exists in the game and has been replaced by the Dull Steel Ring.

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