How to Get the Best Ending in Bravely Default 2

Bravely Default 2 has different endings depending on your actions throughout the game. In this guide, we will tell you how to get the best ending in the game by letting you know the steps that you need to take throughout your playthrough of Bravely default 2.

How to Get the Best Ending in Bravely Default 2

So, to get the best ending in Bravely Default II, you need to follow the following steps.

In Chapter 6, after you defeat the first boss Edna, you get a bad ending. Reload your save and as you restart the game, you get a cutscene that you have to do more in the game.

As you again start the game, after the cutscene, leave the area and you will go to Mag Mell. Here, fight Nexus and this gives you the second bad ending. Again, reload the game and you will get another cutscene.

Once you have completed these, your next step is to make sure you have all 24 jobs that can be found in the game. Few of these are story-related and you get them as you progress in the game.

For a few others, you need to complete different side quests. If you have been collecting all the jobs, you now have 23 jobs, and you need to get the last one.

To get the final job, you need to first defeat both Edna and Nexus. Then head back to where you met Sir Salone. Follow the small path you had to take to get to the second region. Here, you will face Sir Salone in a fight.

Sir Salone is fairly difficult, but you can get through him if you are over level 55. with Sir Salone defeated, you get the final job that you needed to unlock the best ending in the game.

Now, with all the requirements fulfilled, simply save the game. In the save menu, you will notice a purple square at the bottom. You will get a cutscene with the old ship lady you met at the very start of the game.

With this, head back to the first town and talk to the old lady, and you also now get a new talk option, Visit the Outer Ocean. Select this option.

You will simply navigate ahead and get to the final boss of the game. You fight the boss and winning will grant you the best ending in the game.

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