How To Find And Open Harper Stash In Baldur’s Gate 3

Harper's Stash is a hidden treasure that can only be obtained with some self-control and a little bit of light.

Harper’s Stash is among the most elusive and difficult-to-obtain treasures in Baldur’s Gate 3. Hidden by the holders of the balance themselves, the Harpers, only light can bring this treasure back to life.

There are two Harper Chests in Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3. The first chest is near the Nautiloid Crash, while the one we aim for is buried deep inside the Grymforge, the heart of the Underdark. Not only is this treasure hard to locate, but it will also lure you into fighting the worst monsters the game has to offer. Let us help you find it and open it with ease.

Harper Stash Location in Baldur’s Gate 3

Reaching Grymforge is a major task. We recommend entering the Underdark from the Defiled Temple inside the Goblin Camp. Now make your way to Decrepit Village, which Duergar Intruders run. Kill them and take their boat to Grymforge. Be prepared to handle another Duergar ambush.

Once you reach the Grymforge waypoint, you need to go all the way west (X: -690, Y: 375) to locate Harper’s Chest. From the waypoint, go South and then turn west. From there, turn northwest to reach the merchant Stonemaker Kith. There is a cragged rock nearby, which you can use to descend and reach the area marked on the map.

Avoid the Mimics

Once you reach this area, you will find three very tempting treasure chests. If you pass a DC10 perception check, the narrator will warn you that Harper’s never left their treasure this openly to loot. These treasure chests are mimics, attacking you if you go near them.


You don’t need to interact with Mimic chests to activate them.

Mimics are resistant to all physical damage. Any slashing, piercing, and bludgeoning attacks only deal half the damage. Even the spells with physical attributes are useless against them. They don’t take any damage from Acid attacks and will steal your weapons on a successful hit.

Honestly, we recommend you stay away from these headache-inducing enemies unless you are feeling extra brave and adventurous. In case of a battle, only use clerics and wizards from a distance. If you are an all-melee team, you have zero chances of winning.

How to open the Harper Stash

If you go near the ledge, you will be prompted with another perception check. Passing it will reveal a Toy chest. However, it is locked, and you can’t open it. The only way to open the Toy Chest is by shining light on it. There are various ways to do it.

  • You can use any light cantrip like Dancing Lights.
  • Spells that can create Light.
  • By using torches.
  • By using fire weapons or the ones that emit light like Everburn Blade.

This will remove the magic spellbinding from the Toy Chest. All you need to do now is unlock it by disarming the trap and picking the lock with the thieves’ tools. Both these Sleight of Hand checks are DC20, so we recommend making a quick save before the attempts.

After going through all this trouble, the contents of Harper Box are a measly 21 gold and a Scroll of Evidence. This scroll explains the history of Shadow Cursed Lands and why Halsin wants to remove it so badly by killing Ketheric Thorm.

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