Where to find Harper Stash in Grymforge in Baldur’s Gate 3

You will find the Harper's Stash in Baldur's Gate 3 when exploring the Grymforge area. However, you must fight three Mimics to receive it.

Harper’s Stash is a hidden treasure in Baldur’s Gate 3 that belongs to warriors known as the Harpers. The Council of High Harpers leads these warriors. They are responsible for maintaining the balance of power in the Forgotten Realms between good and evil.

They prevent each party from receiving too much power for their well-being. Despite being located in Grymforge, the Harper’s Stash is one of the most mysterious items in Baldur’s Gate 3. It will not be visible at first glance. Instead, it is located where you won’t be able to view it easily.

Harper Stash Location in BG3

Harper Stash map  baldur's gate 3

You will find the Harper’s Stash in Baldur’s Gate 3 when exploring the Grymforge area. To find the hidden treasure, head to the coordinates (X: -647 Y: 382) using the Magic Sigil. This waypoint will directly take you to the Underdark Grymforge area, where you will find the Harper’s Stash in BG3.

Once at the marked location, head up the set of stairs on the western part of the area. Make your way north and up a small staircase to find a large waterfall nearby. However, instead of going to the top, go east after this area’s first set of stairs.

A Cragged Rock on the east of the stairs leads you down to the Harpers Rune. This indicates that the Stash is located nearby. This will be where you are left in a challenging situation as the Stash is locked inside a chest. However, the entire area is filled with different chests, and you must find the right one.

How to open the Harper Stash

Finding the Harper’s Stash is perhaps easier than opening it. As mentioned before, the Harper’s Rune consists of three large chests. However, If you decide to open them, you will have to engage in a battle against three Mimics.


Defeat the Mimics

Each Mimic reveals itself as a chest if you trigger any chests here. You will also have to defeat them to move any further with your search for the Stash. These Mimics belong to the Monstrosity race in Baldur’s Gate 3 and are immune to Poison. Therefore, the best way to defeat them is by performing a slash attack using weapons or spells that deal damage other than poison.

Open the Toy Chest

Dealing with the Mimics can be damaging to your team’s HP. Therefore, as an alternative method, you can avoid opening any of the three chests in the Harper’s Rune. Instead, open the Toy Chest at the cliff’s edge near the mimic chest.

Harper Stash Baldur's Gate 3

You can interact with it, but disarming it will be another challenging task. To disarm the Harper’s Chest, you must acquire a DC 20. Therefore, it is recommended that you save your game up until reaching the Runes. This ensures you have a point to return to if you fail to receive the required number on the dice.

The best choice of characters to disarm the chest is none other than Astarion. Since he possesses additional bonuses towards Sleight of Hand and Dexterity, it will be easy for him to lockpick his way to disarm the chest. Once the chest is disarmed, open it to loot the rewards inside.

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