Baldur’s Gate 3 Spells Tier List

Baldur's Gate 3 allows you to wield a number of spells throughout the game. Some are useful while some only work in certain situations. It's important to know which is the best spell so you can make your selection easily.

As you start playing Baldur’s Gate 3, you can select cantrips and spells depending on your class and subclass. Cantrips are low-level spells that do not need spell slots. In comparison, spells are magical effects that require spell slots to be cast.

They are one of the best resources in the game. Spells let you do wondrous things like damaging enemies, healing your party, applying buffs and debuffs, etc. With so many spells before you, it is hard to choose which is the best one.

BG3 Spells Ranked

In Baldur’s Gate 3, you will encounter many spells you unlock when you level or via subclasses. Not all spells are equal; some help you better than others. In contrast, others have only situational uses. They can help you out as well but in very specific circumstances.

As such, it is crucial to know which are best so you do not miss out on them. To help you decide which are the best, we have ranked spells that perfectly fit in their respective tiers.

  • S-tier: Create or Destroy Water, Cloud of Daggers, Planar Binding
  • A-tier: Shocking Grasp, Magic Hand, Vicious Mockery, Chromatic Orb, Greater Invisibility.
  • B-tier: Fire Bolt, Minor Illusion, Produce Flame, Animal Friendship, False Life, Counterspell,
  • C-tier: Cure wounds, Disguised Self, Crown of Madness, Darkness, Detect Thoughts.

Best Spells to get in Baldur’s Gate 3

Starting your battle with the best spells gives you an edge. So, you need the best spells at your disposal so you can defeat every enemy that comes your way. To do that, you need to know what these spells can do and how to utilize their maximum potential.

Below are the best spells you can pick in Baldur’s Gate 3.


Create or Destroy Water

Create or Destroy water is a level 1 spell that belongs to the Transmutation school. As the name suggests, this spell has two uses: creating or destroying the water. If you use Create Water, a 4.5m radius puddle of water will be created around you.

Anyone in the pool will get wet for two rounds. Getting wet means you are unguarded against cold and lighting damage but are resistant to fire damage.

You can also freeze or electrify this puddle of water to maximize damage. If you freeze the water, anyone (enemy or ally) inside the pool will start to take cold damage. They must use a Dexterity saving throw to be able to move.

Another thing you can do is electrify the puddle to deal lightning damage to anyone inside it. Anyone inside will receive 1d4 damage. You can use this opportunity to exploit the weakness of your enemies.

If your enemies are already prone to this damage, you can use it to maximize the damage almost equal to a critical strike. You can also use another spell like Chromatic Orb that increases the damage and makes this puddle an electrifying death trap.

You can also use this puddle of water defensively by wetting your allies if your opponents are using fire damage. Since wetting resists fire, you will receive almost half of the initial damage.

Another thing you can do with this spell is to destroy water. Destroying water will form a thick fog cloud around you, which is best to escape from the area or to play defensively and allow the enemy to enter the fog so you can kill it more easily.

Cloud of Daggers

Cloud of Daggers is a level 2 spell that belongs to the conjurations spell, so you need a level 3 spell slot to use in combat. However, it can only be used by Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock, and Wizard classes. You must wait ten turns before you can cast this spell again.

The best part about Cloud of Daggers is an AoE spell, which means every enemy in a certain vicinity will get damaged. It produces a rain of daggers on a 3m radius and attacks everyone inside it. Anyone in the radius will receive 4d4 slashing damage, enough to finish off some enemies.

Lastly, you need concentration to cast the Cloud of Daggers spell. It outshines the rest of AoE spells since it has no saving throw or attack roll.

Planar Binding

Planar Binding is a level 5 spell that belongs to Abjuration school. Since it is a level 5 spell, you must be level up to equip and use Planar Binding Spell. It has a range of 18m and is only usable for Bard, Druid, Cleric, and Wizard classes.

Whenever you face a formidable enemy that is hard to beat, you can use the Planar Binding spell on it. With this spell, the enemy that you use the spell on will fight with you as an ally. After the spell, the enemy will be under your control, and you can use it however you can. It is the best spell if used in the right circumstances.

Furthermore, your chosen must be celestial, an elemental, a fey, or a fiend; otherwise, your spell would not work. It has a Wisdom saving throw.

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