How To Get Past The Noxious Fumes In Baldur’s Gate 3 

The Hag Ethel has put a trap in the form of Noxious Fumes inside the tunnel leading to her lair. Well, that ain’t stopping us from getting her.

You will encounter a hazardous trap known as Noxious Fumes while trying to Save Mayrina from the Hag’s Lair in Baldur’s Gate 3. During your first encounter with Auntie Ethel in Act 1, she will run away, and you must follow her through the Overgrown Tunnel

However, Noxious Fumes will be a big hurdle in your way. You can try the go-getting approach, but it will nearly kill you. Unlike Poison Cloud, which only puts you at a disadvantage, Noxious Fumes do 2~24 poison damage to every party member periodically. Most players don’t realize there is a straightforward way to get past Noxious Fumes in Baldur’s Gate 3, and we will discuss that in this guide.

How to clear Noxious Fumes in BG3 

Noxious Fumes is a trap puzzle that appears multiple times throughout the game. However, your first encounter with the fumes is the most important one. It all happens when you decide to retrieve Mayrina from the Hag’s Lair once you defeat Auntie Ethel at her abode. 


The strategy to clear or stop the Noxious Fumes remains the same throughout each encounter. 

First, we will look at the source from where the Noxious Fumes are being produced. They are released from a vent that is beneath the fume cloud. There are also unique flowers called Peculiar Flowers hidden in the cloud that will ignite the Noxious Fumes if you come in contact. This will spark an explosion, and it will nearly kill you.

To detect the vent and the Peculiar Flowers, you will need to pass a perception check. Select the party member with the highest Wisdom and ungroup them from the party. Now, go near the edge of the golden fumes without entering it. Your character will automatically pass a perception check to detect the location of the vent. 

The first thing you need to do is clear the area of Peculiar Flowers. Simply attack them with a fire arrow or a fire spell like Fireball. This will ignite all the flowers, and they will be gone forever. However, the Noxious Fumes will return. Now, the next step is rather simple and hilarious. All you need to do is cover the vent with anything heavy from your inventory.

Simply throw some stones or ropes on the vent. You can also use Mage Hand to obstruct the vent opening. This will stop the Noxious Fumes at the source, and you can journey ahead to meet Auntie Ethel one more in Hag’s Lair and free Mayrina. 

How to Permanently Disable Noxious Fumes 

The best method to stop Noxious Fumes is by shutting the vent using Thieves’ Tools. Select a character with proficiency in Sleight of Hand skill (Astarion). Use an elixir of Poison Resistance and run towards the vent after clearing the flowers.

Interact with the vent to pass a Sleight of Hand check. This will allow you to permanently close the vent without using anything from the inventory. Now, you can traverse the area with ease. 

Are there more Noxious Fumes in Baldur’s Gate 3 

The answer to this question is yes. There are at least two more instances where you will come across these poisonous Fumes. 

The second encounter takes place in the Underdark region near the Spectator boss, and the final encounter takes place in the Lower City sewers. On your way to the Temple of Bhaal, you will need to enter the Undercity area from the manholes. The sewers are full of Noxious Fumes, and you must follow the same strategy to clear them. 


You can follow our guide to avoid the Noxious Fumes during Act 3. 

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