How To Kill A Creature With Falling Damage In Baldur’s Gate 3

Killing any enemy with falling Damage in BG3 unlocks a unique trophy and some hilarious moments.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is full of funny interactions and some hilarious gameplay moments. Due to the unlimited freedom it provides to the players, you can do anything to your opponents or party members during combat or outside. One such hilarious method is to kill your opponents by throwing them off from a ledge on tall structures. This will kill the creature in question with falling damage in BG3. 

What we said above is easier said than done. To the point that there is an achievement associated with killing anyone with falling damage in Baldur’s Gate 3. In this guide, we will tell you how to achieve this feat easily by deploying various strategies.

Best ways to kill someone with Baldur’s Gate 3 falling damage

Falling damage in BG3 doesn’t do enough damage to any creature even when they are thrown from a truly high position. The fall damage ranges from 4-5 with an upper limit of 10. You can only do 10 fall damage if the creature fails a saving throw against your actions (rare but achievable). 

We have listed the methods and strategies that we hope you will follow precisely to kill someone with the fall damage. 

  • Use a character with high STR: This is the best piece of advice you will get from anyone. Characters with higher Strength ability can shove or push creatures a lot more than the rest. 
  • Reduce enemy’s health: Make sure to reduce the enemy’s health to one digit (1-9) before you decide to shove them off. The ideal range is less than 5 before you attempt to kill them with falling damage in BG3. 
  • Lure the enemies to a ledge: Terrain in BG3 plays an important role during combat. Enemies are also aware of their surroundings, and they avoid areas like ledges. Make sure to use tactics to lure them to a point from where you can easily push them. Minor Illusion is an excellent spell for this purpose. 
  • Use shove: Every single character in BG3 has access to a bonus action called Shove. This bonus action allows you to push enemies back at the press of a button. However, it consumes your one bonus action per use. 
  • Use spells: There are a lot of spells that can push enemies a lot farther than normal thus killing them with falling damage in BG3. Thunderwave spell from evocation wizard class pushes all enemies away that are present in a 5m radius. You can also use the Ring of Absolute Force to cast Thunderwave. 
  • Kill your party members: This was the last resort, but no one can stop me from getting that achievement. If nothing else works, just put one of your party members with less than 10 hp near a ledge and use Shove. Mission accomplished. 


If you manage to kill anyone with falling damage in BG3, you will unlock Shove Off achievement. However, there seems to be a bug and shoving someone into the abyss doesn’t grant the achievement all the time.

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