Baldur’s Gate 3: Investigate The Suspicious Toys Quest Guide

Investigate the Suspicious Toys quest in Baldur's Gate 3 turns you into a detective and stop a serious crime against innocents. Let us search Gotham, I mean Revington together.

The Investigate the Suspicious Toys is a side quest that lets you play as a vigilante and stop a heinous crime from happening in Baldur’s Gate 3. Someone is trying to sabotage the donated toys with explosives and harm innocent refugee children in the process. It is up to you to save them by finding the source and destroying it.

This is a lengthy quest that takes place in the Lower City during Act 3. Without further delay, let us see how you can start and complete Investigate the Suspicious Toys side quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to start Investigate the Suspicious Toys quest

Once you reach Revington during Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3, travel to the Northeast of Revington’s fast travel point. Here, you will find an eccentric young man shouting at some people in front of a villa. Upon inquiring, he will tell you that his name is Arfur Gregorio, and the people are refugees who are using his mansion without permission.  

When you talk a little more about the mansion, you can read the thoughts of Arfur via perception checks. You will find that Arfur wants the refugees removed. The insight will also reveal something in the basement of Arfur’s mansion that he doesn’t want anyone to see.

Here, you will get two options. Either side with Arfur Gregorio and help him kick out the refugees or side with the refugees against Arfur. We recommend siding with refugees, and this will anger Arfur, and he will leave the mansion. This will make the next part of our quest much easier.


Don’t hurt or kill Arfur at any point in the quest. This can and will potentially lock you out of the quest. This is a serious bug regarding Investigate the Suspicious Toys quest.

How to locate Arfur’s basement and investigate it

After the conversation with Arfur Gregorio, he will leave the area. You must enter the mansion and find the way to its basement. You can access this basement using the hatch in the mansion’s workshop immediately across the main entrance (X: 42, Y: -72).  

When you enter the workshop, you will find the hatch covered by some objects. Remove them from the hatch and interact with it. It will be locked with a high lockpicking requirement. You can use the highest Sleight of Hand character with the advantage of having a better chance of opening it on the first try, or you can find a key to the hatch.

The key to the basement will be in Arfur’s bedroom. You can unlock Arfur’s room using a lockpick. You can also use the Knock spell to unlock the door instantly.

Arfur’s basement is rigged with a lot of traps. Use perception checks to locate the traps and disarm them on time. However, if you miss any traps and they trigger, there is nothing to worry about. Most of the traps inside Arfur’s basement only deal minor burn damage.

Make your way to the far-right corner of the basement hall (X: 361, Y: -990). Misty step spell can prove mighty useful here. Once you reach the place marked on the mini map near the candlestick, interact with the treasure chest. Use a lockpick or Sleight of Hand to open the chest inside Arfur’s basement. 

Inside the chest, you will find gold and a blackmail letter telling Arfur to stuff teddy bears with some packages and donate them.

Search the Requisitioned Barn to find suspicious toys

After reading the letter about suspicious toys, you must find them. To do so, enter the Requisitioned Barn southeast of the mansion and east of Revington’s fast travel point (X: 61, Y: -111). You can arrive at this place first and start the quest from here. No matter your chosen method, both will lead to the same progression. 

At the entrance of the Requisitioned Barn, you will find a Flaming Fist Guard, Manip Nestor. The guard will not let you enter the barn and says it is none of your business. You will have to pass a persuasion check to tell him there is something dangerous in the donation boxes, or you can bribe him with 500 gold. You can also pass a different persuasion check to tell him that you want to drop off the donation yourself into the barn. If you pass either check, Manip will let you in the Requisitioned Barn.  

If nothing works, you can sneak into the barn from the back. Jump off a cliff onto a platform on the right wall of the barn. On the platform, you can look for a window and jump into the barn. Inside the barn, you will notice two guards and the donation box on the opposite end of the barn (X: 83, Y: -117).

This box is filled with stuffed teddy bears and is rigged with explosives. Here, you will need to disarm the traps by using a perception check. But the requirements are very high to disarm the teddy bear box, and most probably, it will end up blowing in your face.

After interacting with the teddy bears stuffed with explosives, Manip Nestor will arrive at the scene. You need to either persuade or deceive him into believing you are not the one behind this crime. The guards will agree to stop donating these teddy bears to refugees and search for more items that are tampered with.

Find and Investigate Arfur Gregorio

Now, you must look for the Arfur Gregorio. As you sided with the refugees, you won’t find him in his mansion. After searching his bedroom, you will find a letter telling you he is in the Sharess’ Cares Tavern. The tavern is to the North of Arfur’s Mansion and past the South Span checkpoint (X:6, Y: 80). If you can’t reach this place right now, there is nothing to worry about. Eventually, you will reach this region once you progress through Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3.  

South Span checkpoint stops people from entering the city to the north. When you approach the checkpoint, you will be asked to pay money to enter the city. You can pay to enter, but you can also start a riot to get caught. Break out of jail cell to reach Sharess’ Cares Tavern. 

Enter Sharess’ Cares tavern and take the right-curtained entrance to the performance room (X:26, Y: 73). Inside, you will find Arfur Gregorio enjoying some adult entertainment. When you talk to Arfur, select the following dialogue options.  

  • I have found the explosive toy bears you donated to the refugees.  
  • If I were after gold, I would have gutted you and taken it.  
  • They? Who is this they?  
  • [Intimidation] Tell me who they are, or you will die before they get to you (DC15). 

Finally, you can let Arfur Gregorio go or ask for the money. He will gladly give you some gold and then run off. The dialogue options will let you know of a new location known as Felogyr’s Fireworks that you need to investigate and put this mystery to rest once and for all.


You can also extort Arfur into giving his pass. This pass will allow you to enter Wyrm Rock Fortress to attend Gortash’s coronation ceremony.

Investigate and Destroy Felogyr’s Fireworks

Now, you must find Felogyr’s Fireworks to complete Investigate the Suspicious Toys quest in Baldur’s Gate 3. It is in the Lower City area of Baldur’s Gate region and south of the Sorcerous Sundries (X: 20, Y: -126). You will also find the Heapside Strand waypoint near Felogyr’s Fireworks shop.   

Inside the shop, you must talk to the attendant, Sevory Sonshal. Tell him about the admission passcode you obtained from Arfur, and he will grant you access to the second floor. If the attendant doesn’t listen to you, you can talk to the guard to the right. Tell him the passcode, and you will get access to the second floor. You can find a new merchant on this floor and loot some supplies. 

On the second floor of Felogyr’s Fireworks, the guard will stop you from going to the top floor. The smoke powder to craft the bomb for suspicious toys is being made on the third (top) floor, and the package came from there.  

There are various ways to reach the top floor of Felogyr’s Fireworks. The best method is to cast the Greater Invisibility spell and sneak past the guards on the second floor. The only way to finish the quest is by defeating all the guards and people involved in creating bombs for suspicious toys.  

The second floor of Felogyr’s Fireworks is ripe with Smoke Powder barrels. Use the fire arrows or fire spells to explode these barrels and burn everyone on the second and top floors. You can always start the fight on the first floor, making the sequence unnecessarily difficult. Once all the enemies are defeated, this will put an end to Felogyr’s Fireworks and their heinous act of trying to hurt the refugees.

Investigate the Suspicious Toys quest rewards

The Investigate the Suspicious Toys side quest provides no specific rewards upon completion in Baldur’s Gate 3. Still, during the quest, you get the odd gold coins from Arfur’s chest in his basement, the gold you can get from Arfur directly, and many hidden items in the Requisitioned barn or the Felogyr’s fireworks.

In the fireworks shop, you will also get the Mind Flayer Parasite Specimen after killing the attendant, as he is also a True Soul like you.

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