How To Investigate The Suspicious Toys In Baldur’s Gate 3

In Baldur's Gate 3, Investigate the Suspicious Toys is a side quest that lets you play as a vigilante and stop crime from happening.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, Investigate the Suspicious Toys is a side quest that lets you play as a vigilante and stop crime from happening. The crime is that someone is trying to sabotage the donation process and harm people who will receive the donations.

Without further delay, let us see how you can start and complete the Investigate the Suspicious Toys side quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to start the Investigate Suspicious Toys quest

To start this quest, you must fast-travel to the Rivington city waypoint in Act 3. The yellow straight arrow indicates this waypoint. From the waypoint, move northeast towards a group of people quarreling with a man in front of a mansion. His name is Arfur Gregorio.

When you talk to them, you will discover that the mansion is his, and he wants to kick some refugees living there. When you talk a little more about the mansion, you can read the thoughts of Arfur in Baldur’s Gate 3. You will find that he wants them removed because there is something in the basement that he doesn’t want anyone to see.

Here, you can side with Arfur and convince the refugees to leave or with the refugees and convince Arfur to let them stay. The better option here will be to side with the refugees. Because the next place you have to go is locked, and Arfur will not want you to lockpick. After the conversation, he will leave the mansion, and the quest will start.

BG3 Investigate Suspicious Toys walkthrough

After the conversation with Arfur Gregorio, he will leave the area for a drink. You will need to enter the mansion and find a way to the basement of this mansion. You can access this basement using the hatch in the kitchen immediately across the mansion’s entrance. The kitchen, however, is locked, and you have to lockpick it. This is not possible if you side with Arfur.


When you enter the kitchen, you will find the hatch covered by some objects. Remove them from the hatch and interact with it. It will be locked with a high BG3 lockpicking requirement. You can use the highest Sleight of Hand character with Guidance and advantage to have a better chance of opening it on the first try, or you can find a key to the hatch. You can also use the Knock spell in Baldur’s Gate 3 to unlock it without any roll.

This key will be in Arfur’s bedroom. You can unlock this room using lockpicking. You and your allies will run perception checks inside the basement as you move. With each perception check, you will be alerted of traps in the basement.

You can either jump to skip the revealed traps or use a misty step to teleport to a safe spot. It would be best to go to the basement hall’s far-right corner. Here, you will find a chest next to a candle stand. Interact with it to unlock it with a Sleight of Hand check.

Inside the check, you will find gold and a blackmail letter telling Arfur to stuff a teddy bear with some package and donate them.

Search the Requisitioned Barn for Dangerous Toys

After reading the letter in Investigate the Suspicious Toys quest, you must find the dangerous toys in BG3. Now, you must enter the Requisitioned Barn southeast of the mansion, as indicated by the yellow circle below.

At the entrance, you will find a Flaming Fist Guard. This Guard will not let you enter the barn and says it is none of your business. You will have to use persuasion to tell him that there is something dangerous in the donations, and you have to check or run a different persuasion check to tell him that you want to drop off the donation yourself. If you pass the check, he will let you in.

If not, you must sneak into the barn from the back by jumping off a cliff onto a platform on the right wall. On the platform, you can look for a window and jump in. Inside, there will be two guards in Baldur’s Gate 3. The donation box will be on the opposite end of the barn.

You can go towards the left front end and look for a box inside the barn. This box will be filled with teddy bears and highlighted if you pass the perception checks. Here, you will need to disarm the traps, but they have a very high requirement, which, if not passed, will cause the teddy bear to explode in your face.

After you have interacted with the teddy bears, the guard will agree to stop donating these teddy bears and search for more items that are tampered with. Now, you must look for the Arfur Gregorio in Baldur’s Gate 3. You cannot find him in his mansion, and after raiding his bedroom, you will find a letter telling you that he is in the Sharess’ Cares Tavern. To get to the tavern, you must cross the South Span checkpoint.

Get Past the South Span Checkpoint

The checkpoint is in the northern part of the town, and you can take the main road from the mansion to reach it, as indicated by the straight arrow in the image above. It serves to stop people from entering the city to the north. When you approach the checkpoint, you will be asked to pay money to enter the city. You can pay up to join, but this is not the only way.

One way is not to pay and choose every dialogue option other than the payment one; this will cause the Ironhand Gnomes to smoke bomb the Gauntlets. You can exploit this situation and run past them into the city.

Or you can also attack them, which will make them arrest you. You can then break out of the jail, past the checkpoint, and into the city. You can continue the Investigate the Suspicious Toys quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Finally, if nothing works, you can take the path to the right of the checkpoint and through the stone arch. You will need to climb down the cliff to the left, jump towards a wooden platform, and take the stairs to climb onto the platform’s top. On the top, you can move towards the road before you to find the checkpoint behind you.

Find and Confront Toymaker Arfur Gregorio

After crossing the South Span Checkpoint, you will find the waypoint named the South Span of Wyrm’s Crossing. Next to the waypoint is the tavern, the Sharess’ Cares.

Enter the tavern and take the right-curtained entrance to a small room. Inside you will find Arfur Gregorio, whom you can talk to.

Tell him about the exploding teddy bears in BG3 when you talk to him. Investigate the Suspicious Toys. He will try to bribe you, but you must refuse it, saying, “If I were after gold, I would have gutted you and taken it.” or “Keep your gold. I want answers.” Either way, he will be terrified and tell you someone threatened him.

Ask who they are, and he will refuse. At this point, you will need to run an intimidation check, which, when successful, will make him tell you that the Felogyr’s Fireworks shop is responsible for the package. He will also give you an Admission pass to the fireworks shop.

Finally, you can either let him go or ask for the money he will gladly give and then run off.

Investigate Felogyr’s Fireworks

Now, you must find Felogyr’s Fireworks in Baldur’s Gate 3. It is in the Baldur’s Gate and south of the Sorcerous Sundries. You will also find the waypoint called Heapside Strand near the fireworks shop. The yellow circle on the map shows the location of the fireworks shop.

Inside the shop, you will have to talk to the attendant. Tell him about the admission passcode, and he will grant you access to the first floor. If the attendant doesn’t listen to you, you can talk to the guard to the right. Tell him the passcode, and you will get access to the upper floor.

On the first floor, the guard will stop you, and you cannot go under any conditions. The smokepowder is being made up on the third floor, and the package came from there.

Defeat the Banites

The Banties will be on the top floor, which is restricted for access. Now you must kill all the guards to complete Investigate the Suspicious Toys quest in BG3. One way is to sneak past the guards in front of the second stairs and go up. You can start the fight when your characters are on the second floor.

You can also start the battle from the first floor, but the real benefit is by exploding the barrels on the second floor. Another way is to use a potion of invisibility or the Greater invisibility spell. You can then run past the guard and all the enemies on the top floor.

Here, stand at a safe distance and aim for the smokepowder barrels. If you have any teleportation spell, you can teleport to the other building near the shop and aim the smoke powder barrel. This will kill everyone on the top floor. To complete the quest, you must finish off the remaining guards.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Investigate the Suspicious Toys rewards

The Investigate the Suspicious Toys side quest does not provide any reward when you complete the quest. Still, during the quest, you get the odd gold coins from Arfur’s chest in his basement, the gold you can get from Arfur directly, and many hidden items in the barn or the fireworks.

In the fireworks shop, you will also get the Mind Flayer Parasite Specimen after killing the attendant because your character senses that he has a tadpole. This item is only for those who have tadpoles.

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