Assassin’s Creed Mirage Karkh Collectibles Locations

Karkh collectibles can lead to one of the coolest outfits.

Karkh is the district to the east of Round City in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, and like every other region, it is filled with collectibles. To unlock every achievement in the game as well as unique rewards, finding these Assassin’s Creed Mirage Karkh collectibles is vital. Across the entire Karkh district, there are a total of 26 collectibles to find.

While Karkh still has the standard categories of collectibles to find, unlike the Round City, Karkh also has a new type of collectible in AC Mirage called Tales of Baghdad. In this guide, we will help you find all the other Karkh collectibles locations in AC Mirage, as well as Tales of Baghdad. To help you pinpoint their locations, we also have a Karkh collectibles map that marks every collectible in the district.

Karkh Historical Sites locations

There are a total of 11 historical sites collectibles in Karkh in Assassin’s Creed Mirage and we have highlighted all their locations below. These historical sites expand more on the story of the land while also counting toward 100% completion.

Below is a map that shows all the historical sites collectibles in the Karkh district of AC Mirage followed by instructions on how to collect each one.

Historical Site #1 Dhimmi – Non-Muslims

To find the Dhimmi Historical Site, navigate to the left of the Monastery of Virgins. Directly opposite the left dome of this monastery, you will see a house with a traversable rope line near the roof. Where the rope line connects, you will see the Historical Site on the corner of the roof of the bigger house.

Historical Site #2 Taxes

To the east of the Tax Collector’s Mansion, in the street intersection that branches into four different paths, you can find the Taxes Historical Site just before the steps that lead towards the Tax Collector’s Mansion.


Historical Site #3 Center of the World

Within the Southwestern entrance of The Bazaar, you will find a variety of stalls. Your focus will be on the stall with a green shade to the left. Simply climb this until you reach the balcony railing above, then walk along this railing to the end opposite the green stall you first climbed up from.

Climb atop the shade in front of you, then take a step further, and from this shade, climb onto the roof of The Bazaar’s surrounding wall. From here, the path is relatively linear; simply walk around the wall towards the side where the big open entrance into the Bazaar is located and you will get the Center of the World historical site.

Historical Site #4 Bazaar

Within the northeastern entrance into The Bazaar, you will see a stack of climbable boxes with white sheets on them. Climb these boxes and onto the stall roofs ahead of them. From these, jump onto the wooden walkway right ahead and walk to the middle of it to pick up the Bazaar Historical Site.

Historical Site #5 Textiles

The Textiles Historical Site can be found in the courtyard near the northwestern entrance to The Bazaar. Simply walk up a small set of stairs where you’ll see two carpet stalls, one where a few people are lying around while the other has the store owner, a bearded man, standing in. You’ll find this Historical Site right behind the stall owner.

Historical Site #6 Perfumes

A little to the north within the Oil Maker’s district and directly east of Tabik Gate, you will find a secluded building with a red cloth shade right next to an open arch that leads into the Oil Maker’s district. Walk towards this building’s entrance, and you will find the Perfumes Historical Site right here.

Historical Site #7 Table Manners

Within the Cookman’s Quarters, you will want to climb to the roof section, where you can observe the upper section of the area. Here, you will find many cooking stalls and people resting on carpets with pillows and plenty of food to go around. Near the middle, you will notice quite a large open-seating area with a few tenants. Go to this side of the roof, and you will find the Table Manngers Historical Site right here.

Historical Site #8 Ghilman – Servant Soldiers

To the west of the gate that leads into the Officers’ Club, along the walls of the Round City, you will find a small building with a dome on top. Upon exiting from the gate leading to the Officer’s Club, climb atop the wheel carriage directly in front and scale the wall ahead. Move a few steps forward then take a right and climb atop this small building to reach the top and collect the Ghilman Servant Soldiers Historical Site.

Historical Site #9 Abbasid Army

For this Historical Site, make your way directly west of The Great Garrison, into the wide-open street ahead. Be careful not to draw aggro from the guards here. In any case, the Abbasid Army Historical Site is in plain sight on this street, directly opposite the gate leading into The Great Garrison.

Historical Site #10 The Abbasids and their Rivals

The Abbasids and their Rivals Historical Site is tucked away on top of a wooden crane on the rooftop of a building south of Qasr Salih. From the open street outside of the south of Qasr Salih, face the south, and you will see the crane towering above.

You can climb the wooden platform leading up to it, and after a few additional climbs, you will eventually reach the top of this crane and pick up the Historical Site.

Historical Site #11 Baghdadi Exports

The last Historical Site in Karkh, Baghdadi Exports, is on top of the mast of a small boat, located in the docks to the northern / slightly north-eastern edge of Qasr Salih. There aren’t that many boats here, and a quick glance at the mast will show you where you need to go, so just run up to the boat and start climbing the mast to obtain this Historical Site.

Karkh Gear Chests locations

Just like other regions, the first gear chest of a set you find in Karkh will have an outfit or a weapon, while any other subsequent gear chests of that same set will contain upgrade schematics. We will go over the AC Mirage Karkh gear chests in order of items and their upgrades.

Gear Chest 1

Collectible obtained – Abbasid Knight Outfit

To find this Gear Chest, go to the Monastery of the Virgins through the Eastern entrance. From here, proceed forward and, at the sight of the first open doorway to the right, get through there. Now simply move forward till you see an open door to the front, a bit to the right.

When you enter this room, you will see a bookshelf to the left you can interact with. Do so and pull the shelf back a bit, then circle around and enter the now-open hidden room. In the right corner of this room, you will find the Gear Chest that holds the Abbasid Knight Outfit.

Gear Chest 2

Collectible obtained – Abbasid Knight Outfit Upgrade Schematic

This Gear Chest is in the Tax Collector’s Mansion, east of the Pharmacy of Haylanah. Circle the perimeter to the southwest of the mansion till you are facing a small ramp with a red ribbon on top leading into the mansion’s area. After scaling the gap, turn left and move forward.

Keep moving till you see a door you can open to the right. Go through this door and find the staircase in the right corner of this room. Go up the stairs, and you will find the Gear Chest in the room above.

Gear Chest 3

Collectible obtained – Abbasid Knight Outfit Upgrade Schematic

To obtain this Gear Chest, make your way to the Officer’s Club. From the southeastern side of the club, with the shallow water at the bottom, make your way up the stairs leading to the club, taking turns to the side stairs where necessary to keep progressing but always making sure to go straight.

Once these stairs are cleared, you will see a small opening in front of you. Enter this opening, and you will see the Gear Chest next to an armor display.

Gear Chest 4

Collectible obtained – Abbasid Knight Dagger

On the northern side of the insides of The Bazaar, you will find a door with two flower vases nearby and some red drapes hanging on the wall directly above it. Go through this door, follow the path into the open, and immediately turn right.

In doing so and moving forward, you will see a doorway leading into another room right ahead and a staircase to the right of this doorway. Take these stairs to the top and turn left to find the Gear Chest.

Gear Chest 5

Collectible obtained – Abbasid Knight Dagger Upgrade Schematic

This Gear Chest is found in a chamber on top of the outer wall of The Great Garrison. To the southwest of the outer garrison wall entrance, climb the first nearby red tent stall to the right and vault over the railing in front. Follow this path to the right until you drop down in front of a small entrance you can slide through.

Enter The Great Garrison and immediately climb the wooden supports to the right and vault onto the wooden walkway below. Follow this walkway to the end and climb the metal rings to the top of the wall. From here, go right around the open doorway, scaling the wall since you want to get to the side of the wall opposite this doorway.

Eventually, you’ll reach a metal pole jutting out of the wall, with a hay carriage right below, so jump down into it. Exit the hay carriage and take the narrow path to the left, climbing up the boxes that you see to the right at the end of this path. After climbing them, you will see a ladder in front of you. Climb this and run to the left, inside the chamber on the wall.

You will find a moveable bookshelf you can interact with, so move it to reveal a metal gate with its bottom exposed, allowing you to slide through. There will be a guard on the opposite side of the room, and the Gear Chest right next to him. Feel free to use a smoke bomb to kill him decisively and proceed to loot the Gear Chest.

Gear Chest 6

Collectible obtained – Abbasid Knight Dagger Upgrade Schematic

AC Mirage Karkh Gear Chest locations

The last gear chest in Karkh in AC Mirage can be found within the chamber at the top of Qasr Salih. You can scale the distance in a variety of ways. One includes entering from the small door to the east of Qasr Salih and going straight forward past the corridor.

When you reach the opening in front, climb the pillar to the right and the metal ring on the wall up above. From here, proceed directly forward to the base of the tallest tower of Qasr Salih. Once you cross the small walkway towards this side of Qasr Salih, turn left, and you will find a ladder leading up the tower here.

Climb it and kill the guards here as well as on the top of the chamber. From where you ended up when you climbed the ladder, pick up one of the smaller flaming vases, then move towards the side of the tower to the right of the ladder.

Climb the set of boxes you see here to reach the top of the chamber that holds the Gear Chest. Now, throw this vase at the blocked entrance on the roof of the chamber to open a path. Drop down this newly made opening, and you will find the Gear Chest within.

Karkh Mysterious Shards locations

There are a total of two targets in Karkh that can drop Mysterious Shards in AC Mirage. Since the targets are moving around, you might not find them at the exact spot we have shown on the Krakh collectibles maps but waiting in the area should eventually bring them to you. Alternatively, you can try to intercept them at any point in their route and assassinate them to collect Mysterious Shards.

Mysterious Shard #1

To find this mysterious shard, make your way to the coast southeast of The Bazaar. Follow the path around this little coastal market, and you will see a man along with an escort; the Mysterious Shard will be in the man’s inventory. Assassinate the guard and proceed to kill the man to get this Mysterious Shard or simply pickpocket him.

Mysterious Shard #2

The next Mysterious Shard is found in the wide-open street outside The Great Garrison. As you move here, Basim mentions that a Tha’abeen member is nearby. You should notice a woman with a purse that you can target, so walk up to her pickpocket her and acquire the Mysterious Shard, then quickly exit the scene.

Karkh Dervis’ Artifacts locations

There are four Dervis’ Artifacts within the Karkh district. Like all the other artifacts, you need to pickpocket a certain NPC within the area to get the Karkh artifacts. Use your eagle vision in the marked areas, and you can spot the NPC you need to pickpocket, thanks to their gold color.

Dervis’ Artifact #1 Ivory Chess Piece

To the east of the Monastery of Virgins, in the crowded market a bit to the south-east of the bridge nearby, you will find a man in a green shirt, wearing a green turban, whom you can pickpocket to acquire the Ivory Chess Piece.

Dervis’ Artifact #2 Decorated Shell

To find this artifact, go to the north-eastern entrance of The Grand Bazaar. To the north, a bit beyond the top left corner of this open court, you will find the holder of the artifact, a lady dressed in yellow, browsing one of the stalls. Simply pickpocket her to acquire the Decorated Shell.

Dervis’ Artifact #3 Glass Weight

To find this artifact, locate the small inland water channel southwest of Al-Mi’dhana Al-‘Atee. You will see a small bridge over this channel as you move further down. Cross this bridge, and along the way, you will see a lone stall with a man working on a carpet tanning rack by himself. Jump off the bridge, and go up to this man to pickpocket him and grab the Glass Weight.

Dervis’ Artifact #4 Jade Comb

A small market with a big tree in the middle can be found to the northeast of the bridge that connects The Great Garrison and Harbor Camp. Near this tree will be a group of people around a lady playing an instrument. Pickpocket the man near the lady to get the Jade Comb Dervis’ Artifact.

Karkh Enigma location

There is only one Enigma puzzle in Karkh. To claim the enigma treasure, you will need to solve the “Solve This Problem Quickly For Me” enigma in AC Mirage. Funny, isn’t it?

“Solve this problem quickly for me” enigma puzzle will reward you with the ‘Gold Hidden One Dye.’ To begin this puzzle, first make your way to the Officer’s Club. Take a left from the entrance and scale the vine growth until eventually, you end up on the top of the left side of the building.

At the top, you will find a small sitting area. Pick up the Enigma from one of the benches here to get a clue to the treasure.

As for the enigma treasure itself, move northwest of Jarjaraya until you come across the burnt remains of a village. Behind the big burnt tree near the middle of the village, you will see a couple of lootable items on the ground, with the Enigma treasure being under a bit of rubble.

Karkh Lost Book location

Karkh has only one Lost Book to collect. The Lost Book titled The Banu Musa – Book of Ingenious Devices can obtained from the building in the top left corner of Sharqiyah, to the left of the Harbor Camp.

Climb the closed wooden booth near the door and climb onto the wooden platform directly above the door. Peak into the closed window here and through the gaps, throw a knife at the boarded-up window on the opposite side to open access into the building from that side.

Now go to the other side of the building, going around the perimeter. Hang off the roof’s ledge and keep dropping until you’re hanging onto the ledge of the open window. Enter the building from here and run straight ahead. The Lost Book will be on a table to the right.

Karkh Tale of Baghdad

The Tale of Baghdad in the Karkh district of AC Mirage is called Leap of the Faithful. To acquire the Leap of the Faithful Tale of Baghdad, go to Al-Mi’dhana Al-‘Ateeqa and look to the top of the long tower here.

Some people will request that you ensure the boy at the top gets down safely. Climb this tower and reach the boy near the top to talk to him. You will convince the boy to come down, and after agreeing to lead by example so the boy can jump down safely, simply leap off the tower into the hay carriage underneath. After a bit, the boy will do the same and reach the ground safely.

Once the commotion settles, you will have completed the Leap of the Faithful Tale of Baghdad collectible in Karkh.

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