Assassin’s Creed Mirage Mysterious Shard Locations

Mysterious Shards can get you some rare items in AC Mirage.

The Mysterious Shards in Assassin’s Creed Mirage are collectables you can exchange at the Northern Oasis for rare items. You can collect them by pickpocketing or killing the person holding it. Either way, you must follow the holder and make the right move.

After collecting the rare collectables, you can either run away as fast as possible or fight to deal with the threat. You can use the smoke bomb to mitigate or kill the Order Members as they lose sight.

Moreover, collecting all Mysterious Shards will unlock the Explorer Trophy/Achievement in AC Mirage. If you are worried about the Mysterious Shards’ location, don’t be, as I will guide you.

Harbiyah Mysterious Shard locations in AC Mirage

In Harbiyah District, there is a total of two Assassin’s Creed Mirage Mysterious Shards that you can collect. Below are the approximate locations of these rare collectables. The location may vary minimally due to the nature of patrolling guards and the carrier of the shards. You may also find the shard holder alone, so capitalize on the advantage.

Mysterious Shard #1

The shard is near the Prince’s Palace and Khurasan Gate Guardhouse. You will find a plaza and NPC heading east, walking east between the mentioned locations with a few guards surrounding him. Navigate the street until you find the black NPC carrying the Mysterious Shard.

Mysterious Shard #2

The Order of the ancient member that has this shard is between Soap Boiler’s District and the Great Mosque. A guard might accompany the member, so tread cautiously.


Abbasiyah Mysterious Shard locations

Abbasiyah holds another two of the ten mysterious Shards of AC Mirage. These are not far off, and getting them can be easy. Below are the locations of the two rare collectables.

Mysterious Shard #1

This one is carried by the Ancient member near Scriptorium and the bridge connecting The Four Markets.

Mysterious Shard #2

The black NPC that walks on the bridge near the Pharmacy of Haylanah has this Mysterious Shard. You can also find him near the Great Bimaristan.

Karkh Mysterious Shard locations in Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Karkh District of Baghdad holds another two mysterious shards. Below are the locations of each Mysterious Shard found in Karkh.

Mysterious Shard #1

One of the First Mysterious Shards that you can find in Karkh is carried by a member of the Order near Sharqiya Gate and the Confiscation warehouse.

Mysterious Shard #2

The last Mysterious Shards of Karkh is found near the southern outskirts of Baghdad and the Pomegranate Gate. The Order of the Ancient member walks along the mentioned locations.

Round City Mysterious Shard locations

Round City district contains two of the last four mysterious shards of AC Mirage. The following are the locations where you find the Mysterious Shards.

Mysterious Shard #1

The First Mysterious Shard is a little far off from the Harem. You can find the NPC wandering in the Residential area.

Mysterious Shard #2

The Order member carrying the second mysterious shard is near the Mazalim Court boundary.

Wilderness Mysterious Shard Locations in AC Mirage

The last two Shards of the Explorer Trophy are found in the Wilderness district.

Mysterious Shard #1

The Order member is carrying the penultimate Mysterious Shard near the river at the outer edges of Anbar.

Mysterious Shard #2

The last Mysterious Shard is near Jarjaraya, as you tend to enter it. The Mysterious Shard carrier is protected, so brace yourself for a fight.

Secret Chamber Location in Assassin’s Creed Mirage

To get to the Secret Chamber, you must first travel to the Northern Oasis. After getting there, dive into the deep waters. Dive deeper until you find a cave entrance. Then progress inside the cave and let it take you to the Secret Chamber.

After emerging from the submerged cave, you must go through the spiderwebbed small entrances until you find the Secret Chamber. Getting there is easy when compared to the effort put into collecting the mysterious shards.

How to use Mysterious Shards in Secret Chamber

After getting inside the Secret Chamber, you will find three stations requiring you to use the Mysterious Shards. To get the Samsaama, you must use two Mysterious Shards in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

To get the Shamshir-e Zomorrodnegar, you must allocate three of the remaining Mysterious Shards, after which you can loot it successfully.

And finally, to get the Legendary Milad’s Outfit, you must use the remaining 5 Mysterious Shards. All three acquirable items are a great set for players to start their Journey in the lands of AC Mirage.

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