Assassins Creed Mirage Tales Of Baghdad Locations

Tales of Baghdad in AC Mirage can help you earn money and Skill Points early.

The Tales of Baghdad in Assassin’s Creed Mirage are side missions you must complete for 100% game completion. You will be awarded the Crossing Paths achievement and Trophy when you complete at least one of the Tales. After completing all six Tales of Baghdad in AC Mirage, you will get the Explorer achievement and Trophy.

The weird thing about the Tales of Baghdad is that they do not appear on the map. You can only spot them after getting close. This can confuse you, but you don’t have to worry. I will go through all the spots where you can find the tales and briefly discuss completing them.

Holy Mission – Harbiyah Tale of Baghdad

The Holy Mission will be available in the graveyard in Harbiyah. Upon entering the graveyard, use your eagle vision to look for a man in Black Robe sitting alongside a grave.

Interact with him, and you must investigate the gravestone with roses. After investigation, the guards will arrive to stop the monk from gravedigging. You have to fight them to finish this Tale of Baghdad in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

Blade In The Crowd, Tool In The Shed – Abbasiyah

You can get this Tale of Baghdad near the canal in Abbasiyah District. Reach the tale marker and talk with the NPC. You must help him remove corrupt guards, and the tale will be completed.

A Life’s Work – Abbasiyah Tale of Baghdad in AC Mirage

For A Life’s Work tale, you have to talk with the NPC sitting on a bench near the observatory in Abbassiyah.


He will ask you to get him 3-page treaties. The first page is at the small building behind the observatory, where a lady sells some books.

The second page will be inside the observatory on the desk on the second floor.

For the third page, you have to climb towards the Observatory balcony, and you can find it on the desk.

Leap of the Faithful – Karkh

The Leap of Faith side quest is available in the Karkh district. You have to talk to the kid near the viewpoint and help him overcome his fear of jumping from the viewpoint.

Climb the viewpoint, jump into the haystacks, and then wait for the kid to jump and complete this Tale of Baghdad in AC Mirage.

Treasure Hunt – Wilderness

To get this tale, you must travel to the northwest side outside the main city of Baghdad into a small settlement along the river named Ukbara.

Talk to a lady, and she will ask for your help retrieving the treasure. You must dive into the river and get inside the building to collect a Lump of Copper Ore to complete the quest.

Curse Of The Si’la’ – Wilderness Tale of Baghdad in AC Mirage

The Curse of The Si’la’ Tale of Baghdad is available in the AC Mirage abandoned village in the Wilderness.

Talk to the NPC Ma’bad, and he will ask your help to defeat the spirit that is causing unnatural death in his neighborhood.

Using the eagle vision, you must investigate the surroundings and find a poisoned jar in a building causing the death. Share this intel with the survivor and end the quest.

Three Tales of Baghdad will reward you with Skill Point in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, while for the other three, you will earn money.

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