How To Pickpocket In Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Help out the merchants by carrying their coin purses for them.

Being an assassin requires both stealth and resources. In the harsh lands of Baghdad, you will need to pickpocket civilians for their coin purses in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. That is one of the ways to not only farm money but also get your hands on valuable loot.

With time as you level up, so do your talents and skills which include Pickpocketing as well. You will be then able to take on more difficult targets and will be rewarded accordingly for more profitable earnings.

However, before you jump into the streets of Baghdad, you need to learn how to properly prepare for it so we have prepared a short guide to walk you through the simple intricacies of pickpocketing in AC Mirage.

How to successfully pickpocket in AC Mirage

Assassin’s Creed Mirage features a pickpocket mini-game that you must complete every time to successfully steal from civilians without making them suspicious.

The first thing you need to do is approach a civilian target from behind and select the pop-up prompt to start the pickpocket mini-game in AC Mirage.

You will be shown a shape and a line where you must stop the line inside the shape by pressing the same pickpocket button. If you manage to do so, the shape will glow yellow to confirm that you have successfully pickpocketed your target.

Complete the pickpocket mini-game for extra money in AC Mirage.

This is a Quick Time Event, so we recommend being vigilant and quick. Depending on the loot rarity or level of your target, the timing window will differ with more lucrative loot having shorter windows that need quicker responses.

Keep one thing in mind the civilian should not be aware of your presence when you are approaching them for pickpocketing. If you approach them while being pursued by guards or enemies, you cannot pickpocket anyone.

Become a Pickpocket Master with skill points

If you want to make the pickpocket mini-game easier in AC Mirage, we recommend unlocking the Pickpocket Master skill from the Trickster skill tree.

Unlock the best pickpocketing skills in AC Mirage.

This is not a skill that you can get at the start of your playthrough. You need to first unlock the Auto-Collect, Elixir Pocket, and Knife Recovery skills in the Trickster skill tree before you can master pickpocketing in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

This skill increases the timing windows required for the skill check which will help take the pressure of completing it quickly. It may not seem much but while acquiring rare items, losing is not an option and you will appreciate any help you can get to make things easier.

If you are hesitant to spend skill points, don’t fret since you can always get them back for free to invest and invest in other skills that you find favorable.  

How to enable Guaranteed Pickpocket in AC Mirage

Though Quick Time Events add a tinge of urgency and interaction to the gameplay, they might just not be your thing. If that is the case, don’t worry because there is a way to autocomplete Pickpocket in Assassin’s Creed Mirage so you can customize your gameplay as you see fit.

To autocomplete Pickpocket, head over to the Gameplay menu in Settings, under the Combat & Stealth Tab you will find the option to Guarantee Pickpocket.

This option is independent of difficulty settings so don’t worry if you are on hard mode and dislike QTEs.  Using the same method, you can disable the Autocomplete Pickpocket option in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

Before you do so, you will be warned that it will be taking away a gameplay aspect that was intended to be experienced by players, we recommend going with what will make your playthrough enjoyable.

Who and what can you pickpocket?

You can pretty much pickpocket anyone in Assassin’s Creed Mirage as long as they have their coin purse with them. There are plentiful targets just roaming around in Baghdad and you can easily spot these coin purses by just looking at their belts.

If you are having trouble looking for someone, don’t worry as you can use your Eagle Vision to mark them which will highlight the individual for you.

This pickpocketed loot can range from monetary items like money or tokens to rare items like Mysterious Shards. You can also get useful items like consumables, crafting materials, and even offensive utility like throwing knives which in hindsight makes Baghdad a thief’s paradise.

You will also find some individuals marked on your map that have an Artifact on them which you can later trade with Dervis for other gains.  

What happens if you fail a pickpocket in AC Mirage?

If you happen to fail the pickpocket QTE mini-game in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, the target will be alerted. The alerted victim will run to fetch the guards so you can either run away to avoid interaction or fight them instead.

Losing will also mean you return empty-handed but the good thing is that you can try again on the same target or just pick another purse on someone else’s hip.

Note that fighting the guards will increase your Notoriety level, so avoid them if you do not want to increase your wanted levels in AC Mirage.

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