Assassin’s Creed Mirage Dervis’ Artifact Locations

A thief collecting Dervis’ Artifact in AC Mirage.

Collecting Dervis’ Artifacts in Assassin’s Creed Mirage is a great way to get rewards. For this, you need to collect all 18 of Dervis’ Artifacts from all five districts of Baghdad. Once you have collected all the Dervis’ Artifacts, you will get a “Curio Collector trophy and Treasure Hunter Costume.”

Moreover, collecting them is necessary if you want 100% completion of a certain district and will enable you to get the “Explorer Trophy.”

How to find Dervis’ Artifacts in Assassin’s Creed Mirage

For artifacts to appear on the AC Mirage map, you must meet Dervis in the storyline after completing the Nur’s Contact quest. Doing so will enable you to find Dervis’ Artifacts on the map using the golden pickpocket sign.

To make things easier, tag Dervis’ Artifacts with Eagle, enabling all artifacts to emit a “Yellow Beam of Light.” This will help you find Dervis’ Artifacts faster than ever.

All of Dervis’ Artifacts will be on Civilian NPCs in AC Mirage. Some civilians might move on a scripted path depending on the artifact, and some remain stationary. Once you are near them, you can also find them in your compass.

Harbiyah Dervis’ Artifacts locations in AC Mirage

1. Scandinavian Brooch

This Artifact can be pickpocketed from an Artisan standing beside an outdoor stall between “The Nestorian Monastery and the Dyeing Factory.” To get there, you must travel to “Zubaydiyah” in the Northern part of the Harbiyah.


2. Money Cowrie

To find the Money Cowrie Dervis’ artifact in AC Mirage, travel to the bridge on the South of “Zubaydiyah” that connects Harbiyah to the outer part of Iraq. From the bridge, go to the “Maritime Trading Historical Site” in Khuld, where you can pickpocket the Artifact from a man shoveling “Hay.”

3. Aksumite Amulet

Travel to the “Dyeing Factory” on the East corner of the Shari district. Once there, locate a woman beside a dyeing pot who will yield you an Aksumite Amulet after pickpocketing.

4. Buddhist Votive Plaque

Buddhist Votive Plaque is in the “Quadrangle of the Persians” district of Harbiyah, located Northwest of the Great Mosque and Damascus Gate Prison. Look for a man standing beside the well on the back of the “Carpenter’s Workbench.” Pickpocketing the man will get you the artifact.

Abbasiyah Dervis’ Artifacts’ locations

5. Small Chinese Box

You will find this artifact in the Northeast corner of the “Kahtabah district” of Abbasiyah. Once there, look for a woman shopping in front of the Old Book Shop in the “The Four Market.” Small Chinese Box can be yielded after pickpocketing the women.

6. Tang Censer

Travel to the South of “Hammam and Kufa’s Gate” in the suburb located in the Northwest corner of Haylanah district. To get Tang Censer artifact in AC Mirage, pickpocket the guy shoveling sand in front of the bricks pile.  

7. Round Moon Plaque

There is a riverside market located in the North End of the Abbasiyah. Locate a woman standing repairing the fish net just South of the “Abbasiyah Bureau” and pickpocketing her will give you the Round Moon Plague.

8. Olibanum

On the south end of the Abbasiyah, make your way to the “The Great Bimaristan” landmark. A man will be walking alongside the straw hut you need to locate. Pickpocketing the man will give you the artifact.

Karkh Dervis’ Artifacts locations in Assassin’s Creed Mirage

9. Ivory Chess Piece

Travel to the East of the “Monastery of the Virgins” in the southwest corner of the Karkh. Once there, look for a man in green shopping from the chicken vendor in the market. Pickpocketing the man will get you the artifact.

10. Jade Comb

Jade Comb is in the middle of the Harbor Camp and The Great Garrison landmark east of the Karkh district. Upon getting there, pickpocket the guy standing before the fruit vendor to get a Jade Comb artifact in AC Mirage.

11. Glass Weight

This artifact’s location is sandwiched between three important landmarks: “Al-Mi’dhana Al-’Ateeqa, Cookmen’s Quarter, and Officer’s Club.” Look for a carpet vendor on top of the wooden platform and pickpocket him to get Glass Weight.

12. Decorated Shell

Make your way to the Pot selling vendor southwest of the Cookmen’s Quarter. Upon getting there, pocket the woman in the light-coloured dress to find Cookmen’s Quarter artifact.

Round City Dervis’ Artifacts locations

13. Pyxis

In the east corner of the Round City, make your way to the Southeast of “Shurta Headquarters.” Pickpocket the woman in blue talking to two men between the fruit and chicken shop to get the artifact.

14. Coptic Censer

Travel to the east corner of the Round City in front of the “Harem” Landmark. Here, pickpocket the man in the black standing before the spice baskets to get the Dervis’ artifact in AC Mirage.

15. Sillan Christian Cross

The location of this artifact is between the three landmarks: “Postal Beareu, Soap Boiler’s District, and The Four Markets.” Take the white stairs leading to the roof, where you need to pickpocket the man in black to get the artifact.

Wilderness Dervis’ Artifacts locations in AC Mirage

16. Staurotheke

Staurotheke artifact is between the “Winter Palace and Anbar” landmark. Once at the location, you need to find a man in black sitting on top of the rug in front of the fountain. Pickpocketing the man will get you the artifact.

17. Kissi Penny

To find this Dervis artifact in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, you must look for a small camp in the middle of the Wilderness desert. The location is in between two landmarks: Excavation Site and Oasis. Once at the camp, loot the man to get the artifact.

18. Byzantine Bracelet

Travel to the Jarjaraya village using the fast travel point and head to the house after heading west. Once you get inside, you need to find a man with a turban on his head to pickpocket for Artifact.

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