ARK Aberration Taming Guide

ARK Aberration Taming Guide to help you learn all about taming all the new creatures in ARK Survival Evolved expansion called Aberration.

In this ARK Aberration Taming Guide, we will guide you about how you can tame all the new creatures added to ARK with the new expansion. ARK recently received a new expansion called Aberration, which adds a treacherous new biome to the game.

Everything in this Biome is going to hurt you and will want you dead. The new expansion comes equipped with tons of content for you so it will keep you busy for a long time.

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In this content, ARK has received many new creatures as well. Most of these creatures are deadly and they are not going to wait for a second to kill you. This also means that you get to tame a lot more new deadly creatures of the deep underground. These creatures can provide a lot of help if tamed.

In this Taming Guide, we will list all the new creatures that have added to the game and we will share with you the details about how you can tame these wild creatures to do your bidding.

ARK Aberration Taming

You can tame nearly all the new creatures. Once tamed, the creatures will not hurt you and will stick close to you and even hunt other creatures with you. Most of these creatures provide different sorts of help in various tasks so they are totally worth the effort.

We will list their special features as well below so that you can easily figure out which creature is worth your taming. ARK Taming Guide details everything that you need to know about taming the newly added creatures to the game with the expansion Aberration.

  • Reaper
  • Basilisk
  • Roll Rat
  • Glowtail
  • Ravager
  • Karkinos
  • Shinehorn
  • Rock Drake
  • Featherlight
  • Bulbdog
  • Glowbug
  • Lamprey
  • Nameless
  • Rockwell
  • Seeker

Taming Reaper
Taming a Reaper is the strangest thing to do in Aberration. To tame this giant beast, first, you need to be impregnated by a Reaper Queen. Reaper Queens are the biggest of all Reapers in the game. Simply get hit with a tail attack and you will be impregnated.

Once it is done, finish off the fight with the Reaper and head back. Now your main goal is to avoid radiations and Tek Bed for 12 in-game hours. This is enough time for harvesting a Reaper Pheromone Gland. You will need this gland so that you do not die while giving birth and it is also required to imprint.

You can take it off from any dead Reaper. During the gestation period, the amount of XP you gain will determine the level of your Reaper. They also need to be penned as they ignore all commands.

Taming Basilisk
Basilisk is one of the most dangerous creatures that you will come across in Aberration. However, they can be tamed as well and once tamed, they are very fast movers and excellent for traversing the vast map of Aberration.

To tame one, simply feed one a lot of Golden Hesperornis Eggs or Fertilized Giganotosaurus Eggs. One thing to remember is to never go alone to tame a Basilisk. You will not long last if you try to tame one alone.

Taming Roll Rat
Travel in style with your posse in ARK Aberration by taming a Roll Rat. This is your Limo in the world of Aberration. It can also be tamed pretty easily. Since it is a rat, it will dig the ground and burrow itself into it once you have fed it some Giant Bee Honey.

Giant Bee Honey is used to tame it. Once it goes underground, throw some honey in the hole and it will eat that as well. Keep at it and it will be tamed soon. Keep in mind that if you pick up any gems that it digs out, it will attack you. So avoid picking them up until you have tamed it. Once tamed, three people can ride it around the map.

Taming Glowtail
Feed a Glowtail some Plant Species Z or Acerbic Mushroom and the Glowtail will be yours. It will light your path in the dark and its glow will keep some enemies at a distance. You can pick it up and put it on your shoulder as well.

Taming Ravager
Ravagers are pack hunters and they have an alpha Ravager in every pack. Your goal must be to tame the alpha one since it is the strongest in the whole pack. What you need to do is stock up on Raw Mutton or Cooked Lamb Chop and find a Ravager pack. Locate the alpha and kill all the others.

Once alpha is left, use the Bola to bring it down. Once it is down, feed it the meat that you brought with you and you will tame a Ravager for yourself.

Taming Karkinos
Stock up on Carbonemys Eggs or Spoiled meat and find a Karkinos. Knock it out and feed it the food that you brought for it. It will be tamed. This is also an easy tame and it has very high jump. You can find them near rivers.

Taming Shinehorn
Shinehorns are your primary source of meat underground. They also help you see in the dark by lighting up their horns. They do not attack survivors so they do not pose a threat.

To tame one, simply feed it Plant Species Z Seed or an Aggeravic Mushroom. Once done, it will be yours. It will follow you wherever you go.

Taming Rock Drake
Probably the best creature in the expansion pack to tame. However, taming them is not easy. You cannot just find a wild Rock Drake in the wild, feed it until it is full, and take it home with you. You will have to raise a baby Rock Drake from its egg.

To obtain an egg, you will have to sneak into a nest. The other adult Drakes will obviously guard the nest so you must go there prepared. Once you have successfully stolen the egg, bring it back and put it in a room with air conditioners in it to keep it cool.

Once the egg hatches, the baby will demand Nameless Venom first and then it will switch its diet to raw meat. Being a parent is not easy in ARK Aberration. You will have to find Nameless Venom otherwise; the baby will not survive long so it is best to acquire it before the egg hatches.

You can collect the Nameless Venom by killing a Nameless. Once the baby grows up, you will have the best creature all to yourself. It has many abilities to make you a proud parent such as camouflage, ability to scale walls and alerting you to nearby enemies.

Taming Featherlight
Once tamed, Featherlights will also sit on your shoulder. Simply feed it Plant Species Z or Auric Mushroom to tame one.

Taming Bulbdog
To tame this, feed aquatic mushrooms to them. Be quick as they can detect you very quickly when you are near them.

Taming Glowbug
Glowbugs make an essential light source, but only few know how to tame the seemingly untamable insect. It enjoys one food, craves one thing, and is instantly tamed when you provide glowbugs with it. The food is force tame.

Taming Lamprey
To tame this creature, find a small pond in the biulimnecent area then place a fish basket. You’ll eventually be able to tame it.

Taming Nameless
Unfortunately, you cannot tame this beast creature.

Taming Rockwell
Rockwell is weak to ‘Forcetame’, so you can try your luck with it.

Taming Seeker
To tame seeker, you will have to lure it in a small room around said room put Shinehorns around it and light them as much as possible

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