Ark Aberration Glowtail Location and Taming Guide

The following is a detailed guide, highlighting the location and taming process of a Glowtail in Ark Aberration.

Glowtail is a passive creature in Ark Aberration with an appearance of a reptile like a tiny gecko. These creatures are very cute and have many uses once tamed. The uses of tamed Glowtail include an excellent source of charged light, a Radar to notify nearby creatures, a backpack, etc.  Glowtails drop useful resources as well such as hides and raw meat.

The following guide highlights the location and taming process of a Glowtail in Ark Aberration.

Glowtail Location in Ark Aberration

Glowtails are very rare creatures in Ark Aberration. They are located only in the artifact caves. There is a total of three artifact caves in Ark Aberration. Two of the three artifact caves are extremely tough. The best one to go through is the artifact of depths.  The following are the coordinates for the artifact of the depths cave:

  • LAT 48.2
  • LON 27.2

Ark Aberration Glowtail Location

Glowtails are not located at the entrance of the artifact caves. You have to move deeper in the cave and fight enemies for the Glowtails to show up. Pretty high-level Glowtails can be found in the caves.

How to Tame a Glowtail


Just like the other light creatures, you tame them with plant species Z seed or mushrooms. Remember you will not be able to feed Glowtails seed or mushroom in water.

Glowtail must be on land to be fed and tamed. Make sure to take out other enemies to clear out the area. This prevents dangerous sneak attacks when you are taming the Glowtails.  There is no KO strategy for taming Glowtails because they are passive creatures.

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