Ark Aberration Featherlight Location and Taming Guide

We have made this detailed guide to make it easier for you to locate and tame a Featherlight in Ark Aberration.

Featherlight is a passive herbivorous creature in the Ark Aberration that can fly and looks exactly like a bird. Once approached, Featherlight will fly away with no intention of attacking making them the best choice for making a pet. Featherlight are not predators or any sort of killer, but they can attack the enemies of our backs during the fight. They also look cool due to their glowing flight feathers.

Meanwhile, their illumination can be used to help look for threats or enemies in the dark and that is the only function they can serve other than being a pet. We have made this detailed guide to make it easier for you to locate and tame a Featherlight in Ark Aberration

Ark Aberration Featherlight Location

In the Ark Aberration map, you can find Featherlight in the lower Southern region such as The Lost Roads, The Spine, Element Falls, and Halls of the Reaper. Featherlight is not the creature that is very hard to find and can be found very commonly in the areas marked with green squares in the map image below:

Ark Aberration Featherlight Location

How to Tame a Featherlight

Featherlight is not an aggressive creature, therefore, can never attack you and instead just fly away like a bird. The main problem that you are going to face while taming the Featherlight is him flying away.

Before we talk about the strategy on how to tame Featherlight, let’s just talk about his favorite food of the Featherlight as you can easily tame him by feeding him his favorite food.


The list of all the favorite food of Featherlight is given below:

Different foods have different taming times, and the most preferred food will give you a faster taming time as taming with Plant Species Z Seed will require 2 minutes compared to 6 minutes with Auric Mushroom.

You can easily tame the Featherlight by feeding it using the “E” button on the console and wait until he is hungry again until the taming bar is finished and the Featherlight will be yours for life.

In Aberration, the Featherlight spawn in areas where there are dangerous creatures therefore there will be situations when either you or Featherlight will be either be killed by the enemies.

The solution to this problem is to build a cage where you and Featherlight can be safe from enemies. Another benefit of building the cage is that Featherlight cannot fly away from you during the taming process.

Attract it Using Food Bait

You can easily attract Featherlight in Ark Aberration with its favorite food and when he will come close to you to eat the food, you need to wait for him to land on the ground. You can then quickly trap him by building the stone foundation on top and the walls around him.

If for some reason you are having trouble trapping the Featherlight in the box, you can use Grapple Hook to drag him towards you and ultimately build the trap around him. The method will not work once Featherlight is in the air.

You can also use honey to lure the Featherlight into the trap by dropping honey to and from the trap. Once you have trapped the Featherlight, you can feed him his favorite food until the taming bar is complete and the process will be finished.

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