ARK Aberration Base Building Guide – How to Build a Base, Where to Build a Base, Base Building Tips

ARK Aberration Base Building Guide to help you learn all about the best locations to build your base in addition to some Base Building tips in the game.

In this ARK Aberration Base Building Guide, we will guide you on how you can build your base effectively and efficiently in ARK Aberration. Aberration is the newest expansion for ARK that takes you underground. Underground is full of life and it features a totally new biome for you to experience and survive in.

You will come across many new creatures, natural disasters such as earthquakes and other environmental hazards. Even the sunlight is hazardous. In such harsh conditions, it is vital that you build up a base as soon as possible to ensure your survival.

The most important aspect when it comes to survival in the underground is building a base. The base will keep you safe from all sorts of dangers lurking out in the wild. In addition, it will give you and your friends a safe area to plan all your strategies and advancements plans.

It also provides you with a safe place to store all your loot and stash. We will guide you in this ARK Aberration Base Building Guide on the best location in the underground to build up a base and how you can do so.

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ARK Aberration Base Building

To construct a base, you will require resources, which you will be required to gather some resources such as wood and mining material. When you consider a location for setting up a base, you need to ensure that all such resources are easy to acquire and you do not have to travel to far off locations just to gather basic base building materials.

All of this is explained in this ARK Aberration Base Building Guide. ARK Aberration Base Building Guide details everything that you need to know about building a base in Aberration, the new expansion pack for ARK.

Where to Build a Base in ARK Aberration

Since you will be building a base near the starting location of the map when you start Aberration, we have the perfect location for you to start. From your starting location, you will see the main river coming outside from the starting area. Follow the river until you see the giant stone formation.

From there, cut to the left side and you will come up to a lovely creek where there are plenty of trees there. For a reference, you will also have a giant towering tree spiraling around a large area. The area is located under it around the main river.

There are plenty of normal trees in the area for your wood resource. Different stone formations will provide you with stone resource while many other resources are also located in the vicinity such as mushrooms and food. The river will also provide you with water. This area is a good option for building your starting base in Aberration.

Building a Base – Base Building Tips

Depending on the size of your part, each member can start gathering a specific resource such as stone from the stone formations, wood from giant trees in the area as well as fiber.

You will need a good stock of each resource to build a well-structured base. Since earthquakes and poisonous sandstorms are now part of the game, you will need to make sure that your base is strong enough to withstand such natural disasters.

Start by crafting and placing down a storage box so that every member can store the excess materials there. Each member can focus on a specific material and collect it there so that when they are building the base they can quickly collect that resource from the storage box.

After that, start by laying down foundations by 2×2 format. Put down at least four foundations in this format. This will give you a good start to your base. You can also start putting down small furniture on these foundations such as beds and tables.

After this, you will need to build start building wooden room walls around these foundations. It depends on your preference how you want to expand your room or start enclosing it with four foundations laid in the 2×2 formation. Walls will enclose all your furniture and other crafted items inside safe from harm and they will define limits of your base.

Also at this point, you will come across different creatures that will not be as friendly as the Bulbdogs roaming around. You can hide from dangerous creatures in this room until you have constructed a large enough base to withstand creature attacks.

Construct the most necessary items and furniture at the start and continue to advance as you play. Make sure you keep an eye on your resource stocks during this so that you do not run out of resources. With enough trees and stone formations around, you will have instant access to almost all basic resources.

Constructing walls is not enough. You also need to reinforce them. For constructing items that require metal, you will first require a place to smelt it. Construct an iron smelter and you will be able to construct items that require metal. After putting up some high walls, make sure to complete the room by building a roof as well. The rain in the expansion is not friendly so you will need shelter whenever rains start pouring down.

This pretty much sums up the basics of starting with the base. Keep adding more rooms and more items to make it better and more resourceful. Start with the items that are necessary for crafting more items such as a smelter and storage box. The fancy stuff can come later. With this base, you will be able to create a stronghold to start your journey in the underground biome of Aberration.

This concludes our ARK Aberration Base Building Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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