Ark Aberration Basilisk Location and Taming Guide

You can harness all the fighting powers of a Basilisk in Ark Aberration if you can tame him therefore, we have created a guide on the location and taming process.

Basilisk is a dangerous reptile-like creature in Ark Aberration that shares a lot of features with the snake while being double its size. They can travel in total stealth mode by making a hole below the ground through burrowing and have venom-spitting abilities that can kill the opponent in seconds making this creature ultimate for fighting as their bodies are designed to fight.

Once Basilisk kills its enemies, they go back into the ground to wait for another creature to be attracted by his body and ultimately kill him. You can harness all the fighting powers of a Basilisk in Ark Aberration if you can tame him therefore, we have created a guide on the location and taming process.

Ark Aberration Basilisk Location

The Basilisk is not hard to find in the Aberration as it spawns in the deeper areas found all over the map. The lower regions of the map such as The Ancient Device, The Lost Roads, The Spine, and Element Falls have a higher rate of spawning the Basilisk.

All the spawning locations where the Basilisk can be found more commonly are marked with yellow squares and the places where the Basilisk is hard to find are marked with orange squares in the map image below:

Ark Aberration Basilisk Location

How to Tame Basilisk

Basilisk cannot be tamed in the traditional way in which we knock the creature out and feed him his favorite food instead Basilisk in the Aberration can be tamed by giving the fertilized Rock Drake Eggs to him and allowing the Basilisk to eat the egg.


Basilisk is an aggressive creature therefore the best way to let him eat your eggs is to lure him into your trap. You can make the trap in the Basilisk path when he is close to you.

The trap can be made with a fence foundation with pillars and ramps. You also need to make sure to add separate base structures on the ground throughout the length of the trap as Basilisk can escape by digging through the ground.

The gaps in the trap should be spaced so that only you can escape through it. Once the trap is made, the Basilisk should be lured into the trap by making him chase you. You can then walk into the trap and get out from the cracks between the pillar, but the Basilisk will be trapped.

The rest of the taming process is simple as it only requires you to feed the fertilized Rock Drake Eggs to the Basilisk until the taming process is finished. Basilisk will not eat eggs sometime because he might not be hungry therefore the best way is to come back later, and you don’t need to worry about the Basilisk escaping.

The total time required to tame level 30 Basilisk is around 1 hour and 27 minutes and the feeding interval is around 10 minutes meaning that you must feed the Basilisk one fertilized Rock Drake Egg every 10 minutes during the taming process.

If we do the math, we will need around 9 fertilized Rock Drake eggs to fully tame a level 30 Basilisk. Once tamed, you need to make sure to have his favorite food of Basilisk in the inventory and the list of his favorite foods is:

  • Fertilized dinosaur eggs
  • Unfertilized dinosaur eggs
  • Raw Mutton
  • Raw Prime Meat
  • Raw Prime Fish Meat

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