ARK Aberration Roll Rat Location and Taming Guide

ARK Aberration Roll Rat Taming Guide to help you learn all about taming Roll Rat in ARK Survival Evolved expansion with tips to use it.

Roll Rat is a passive creature in Ark Aberration that will not bother you unless you mess with it. It is similar to Mole Rat but more prominent and has an armored plating that guards its back. Finding this creature is not that difficult, but for taming, you must follow a unique strategy which we will cover in this guide.

Ark Aberration Roll Rat location

Roll Rat is a pretty easy-to-find creature that spawns in both Bio and Fertile Lands.

ARK Aberration Roll Rat Location

The coordinates below cover two areas where the chances of Roll Rat spawn are highest

  • 46°Latitude, 76.37°Longitude to 55.21° Latitude, 80.62° Longitude
  • 3° Latitude, 54.96° Longitude to 45.3° Latitude, 57.96° Longitude

You will most likely find a Roll Rat while searching the abovementioned areas. If you don’t want to spend time finding it, you can use the console cheat given below.

cheat gmsummon”molerat_character_bp_c”1000


This cheat will summon a tamed Roll Rat in Ark Aberration that you ride immediately.

Roll Rat Taming

Roll Rat is an ugly creature with a unique way of getting tamed, unlike any other creatures in Ark Aberration. It is an amazing creature and does stuff like burrow itself into the ground. You know, the usual rat stuff!

It often shoots out Gems or food when it comes out of the hole, do not pick it up as the rat will be livid with you if you do. Taming the Roll Rat has to be done through honey. Put the honey in your tenth slot and then approach the rat to tame it.

You cannot passively tame it. Wait until the rat makes a hole, and then throw the honey inside of the hole. You can hold LB on your Xbox and then press right on your d-pad to throw the honey. Or press 0 on the PC to throw it.

Once you have thrown in the honey, the rat will eat it. Now you will need to keep throwing the jars of honey until the rat is tamed, which could take a while if the level of the rat is relatively high. You might need to manage your honey as it is pretty hard to find.

Craft a Saddle

Once the Roll Rat is tamed, the next step is crafting its Saddle. Crafting its Saddle will cost 26 Engram and the following recipe.

  • Cementing Paste x85
  • Fiber x150
  • Green Gem x45
  • Hide x270
  • Metal Ingot x425

One thing to note is that this Saddle is not like the others in the game, as it has durability, which goes down during combat or when it hits clippable resources while rolling.

Using its rolling mechanic, the Roll Rat can safely and quickly transport multiple players. Hold your right mouse button while riding it to make it roll forward. It can even go through trees and rocks, but this will decrease the durability of the saddle.

For harvesting purposes, you will be happy to know that it is an excellent Wood, Mushroom, and Berry harvester. The best thing here is it will reduce the weight of Wood and Fungal in its inventory by 80% so that you can carry a lot more wood.

A superb mechanic of the Roll Rat is that it will go out and harvest mushrooms and berries on its own if you set it to wander.

Feed the Roll Rat stimberries while riding it to get as much fertilizer as possible.

Roll Rat base stats

Stat At Level 1 Increment per Level (Tamed) Increment per Level (Wild)
Health 850 +5.4% +170
Stamina 300 +10% +30
Oxygen 150 +10% +15
Food 3000 +10% +300
Weight 400 +4% +8
Melee Damage 100% +1.7% +5
Movement Speed 100% +2.5%
Torpor 800 +48

Movement Speed

Movement Speed At level 1 Sprinting (Tamed) Sprinting (Wild)
Walking 515 1472.9 736.5
Swimming 300


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