ARK Aberration Plant Species Z Locations

A guide to help you learn all about finding Plant Species Z Seeds in Ark Aberration and growing them to acquire Plant Species Z Fruits.

Plant Species Z is a unique plant in the Ark Aberration that you can grow by planting its seed in a Large Crop Plot. You can plant them at your base to scare away creatures like nameless, which are afraid of the light.

Even their fruit is very useful and helps you escape a dangerous situation. We have prepared this guide for you so you can get the full details on how to get the Plant Species Z fruit in Ark Aberration.

Ark Aberration Plant Species Z Locations

It is a unique plant that doesn’t harm players who get close to it by throwing projectiles like Plant X.  You will need to plant its seed inside a Large Crop Plot to grow it.

Once it is fully grown, you can collect Plant Species Z Fruit from its inventory after regular intervals. You can use these fruits as a grenade that will blind everyone in its range for some time.

Besides that, this Plant also glows, which helps scare the creatures afraid of the light. You can find it throughout the map, but the best location where you can find it is marked on the map below.

ARK Aberration Plant Species Z Locations


The following coordinates will take you to the location shown on the map above.

  • 30 LAT
  • 35 LON

You can use the console cheat below to spawn a wild Plant Species Z in Ark Aberration if you don’t want to put any effort.

cheat summon structure_plantspeciesz_wild_c

How to get Plant Species Z

If you want to get this Plant generally without cheats, you will need to get its seed. Getting the seed is pretty different from the typical approach of using an axe or chainsaw.

To get the seed, you must find the Plant and move towards it slowly. As soon as you see the light, you must stay in the place and wait for around 1-5 minutes. The glow is there to scare away the creatures afraid of the light.

After a short amount of time, you will see that the plant will spew out a Plant Species Z seed.

This plant is not defensive like the Plant Species X, so there is no need to be careful about projectiles, and you would have to stay around it for like 60 to 90 seconds, and it will retract its tentacles and bring out a fruit that has a seed.

If you leave the area for several seconds, the timer will reset. Otherwise, you will keep getting the fruit after regular intervals.

Now all you have to do is pick the seed up and plant it. You can plant the seed by putting it inside a large crop pot. However, in this case, you need to put it in the Greenhouse.

Once planted, you will have to wait a very long time for them to grow. Even on a 10x version of a normal server, you will have to wait – a lot! Growing it requires a Large Crop Plot, Fertilizer, and Water.

However, once the seed has grown fully, you should be able to acquire Plant Species Z Fruit/Weapon. These things can essentially be considered grenades. You can place them in your Hotbar and use them as grenades, especially in PVP.

These should blind the other players and disorient them for a short duration, just like a flashbang. It would work for both the survivors and creatures.

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