Ark Aberration Glowbug Location and Taming Guide

In this article, we'll focus on showing you exactly where to find and how to handle a Glowbug in Ark Aberration.

Glowbug is an oversized lightning bug found in Ark Aberration with a fairly wide green glowing aura. They belong to the class of passive creatures and tend to flee whenever they are attacked. When approaching these glow bugs, players must take caution because of their fast speed, which could throw them into harm’s way.

Glowbugs can be used as a supply of chitin since they spawn in large numbers in the locations where chitins are easiest to spawn. Players can even get some meat out of these glow bugs if a good gathering Dino especially Beelzebufo is used. Glowbugs have a very special ability that causes them to become ragdolled if they are put unconscious by console commands. Only Humans possess this characteristic.

In Ark Aberration, Players will be placed in a brand-new, but damaged, world with a variety of fresh dangers, settings, and, of course, creatures to tame. But in this article, we’ll focus on showing you exactly where to find and how to handle a Glowbug.

Ark Aberration Glowbug Location

In the world of Ark Abberation, the Glow bug is one of the creatures that is found almost everywhere. This specie is very frequent across the map of Aberration. However, various caves in aberration are the best places to find these bugs.

The whole highlighted area in this map indicates that Glowbugs can spawn at these places. Thus locating a glow bug isn’t a tough job to do.

Ark Aberration Glowbug Location

How To Tame A Glowbug

Before getting into the details of how to tame Glowbug, players should know that the charge light which these bugs emit is something that is not tamable.

Even though Glow bugs are an essential light source, there are very few people who know how to exactly tame this insect. Most players even call it untamable.

There’s only one food that these glow bugs enjoy and love to eat. Even they are craving it. When these bugs are provided with that food they are instantly tamed. But the issue is this food is not easily available and the food is itself a force tame.

If you are on Xbox, below is the way how to tame it :

  • Activate the admin menu on Xbox.
  • For this, hit the three lines simultaneously while doing Rb, LB, X, and Y.
  • A bar will then appear after that.
  • Put Forcetame on it.
  • Food is tamed.

Thus once you provide them with the food they love, they will be tamed.

Once tamed, If you pick up these bugs you will receive a charging station. This charging station can recharge your wireless devices, including the ineffective Tek generator and your light pets. There will be little glow bugs all around everything that is powered by this.

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