Ark Aberration Seeker Location and Taming Guide

This Ark Aberration guide will tell you everything that you need to do if you want to locate and tame a Seeker.

Seeker is one of the new monsters included in the Ark Aberration expansion. If there are no charge providers nearby, the Seeker gets extremely weak and frequently runs away. Therefore, Charge is essential for the existence of the Seeker.

This Ark Aberration Seeker Location and Taming Guide will tell you everything that you need to do if you want to tame Seeker and use it for your purposes along with its spawn locations.

Ark Aberration Seeker location

The Seeker is a little creature with wings that uses its wings to move whereas its tiny legs hang beneath its body. It also possesses six tiny, beady blue eyes and a face like a squid with tentacles dangling from its mouth. Additionally, it has openings on the sides of its body and retractable fins on its rear.

Whether acting alone or with others, The Seeker may be a powerful opponent. Since the Seeker cannot be domesticated, it is advised to eliminate them right away. The Surface of Aberration is where Seekers spawn. They are capable of sustaining terrible conditions, temperature, and radiation further than Spine.

The general spawn map for Seeker for Ark Aberration is given below:

Ark Aberration Seeker Location

How to tame a Seeker

The fierce hunter Seeker has a collective mindset and will immediately attack everything that has Charge, its preferred food. It appears that charge light is essential to its existence. They are robust and violent while it is there, but when it is absent, they are weak and more likely to run.

You cannot tame a Seeker in Ark Aberration. And make sure that you are far away from a charged source if you want to engage them as energized Seeker swarms are far more dangerous.

The Seeker cannot be tamed; however, this does not mean that they cannot be used as a formidable force. If a survivor is successful, they can draw in a sizable horde of Seekers, who can be persuaded to accompany them at a safe distance provided they are accompanied by a Charge Pet.

From there, provided the Charge is available to spike their aggressiveness, the Seekers could well be employed as a possible threat, irritation, or diversion to other survivors and tames, but typically this is just effective for trolling reasons.

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