All Faron Shrine Locations In Zelda: TOTK

The Faron Shrine locations consist of two on the Surface and two in the Sky in the new Legend of Zelda: TotK.

There are 152 Shrines in total to find and complete across the Hyrule Kingdom, four of which are the Faron Shrines that we will be mapping out today in Zelda: TotK.

The whole map of Hyrule is also divided into smaller chunks like that in BotW. The shrines are also divided into these areas as well. In addition to the surface, you will also find some shrines in the Sky Archipelagos.

The Faron Shrine locations consist of three on the Surface and two in the Sky. Read on to find out how you can get to all of them in Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to find the Faron Grasslands Shrines in Zelda: TotK

The Faron Grasslands has three shrines which are the Ishokin Shrin, the Joju-u-u Shrine, and Utsushok Shrine. Both the shrines are easily accessible and we will go through them one by one.

Ishokin Shrine

The Ishokin Shrine is located in the western part of the Faron Grasslands at coordinates -0564, -3521, 0129 in Tears of the Kingdom.

To reach the shrine you will need to find the Highland Stable. The Highland Stable is located in the Fural Plains and it is east of Haran Lake. The location is shown on the map with a yellow circle.


From the Stable, take the road going South. when you reach an intersection in the valley, move straight on the road you are on.

When you are out of the mountains, you will end up in the Harfin Valley. Before you are about to turn, Blue-Maned Lynel will be on your left so avoid it.

Next to the Lynel, there will be a bridge and after that, the road ends. There will be a Hudson Sign under the tree and the Papetto Grove in front. In the Grove, there is an enemy camp in it. The Ishokin Shrine is on the hill, to the back of the Papetto Grove.

South of Papetto Grove, there is the Darybon Plains. You can use these Plains to get to the top of the hill and reach the Ishokin Shrine shown in the map in red. The whole route is shown on the map below.

Faron's Ishokin Shrine pathing in Tears of the Kingdom

Joju-u-u Shrine

The Joju-u-u Shrine is located southeast of the Faron Grasslands in Zelda: TotK. You can locate the Shrine by moving to the following coordinates: 1516, -3576, 0142.   

You can reach the Shrine by taking it south from Bronas Forest and crossing the Floria River. The Shrine is located on top of the cliff, and you can see the stable from its place.

Joju-u-u Shrine location in Zelda: TotK

If you are moving from the Ubota Point location, you can proceed west to the Shrine without losing your way. So it all depends on your initial position. 

Utsushok Shrine

The Utsushok Shrine is also found in the Faron Grasslands between the Fural and the Guchini Plains on the hills at coordinates 0673, -3347, 0071.

You can approach the Utsushok Shrine from the Horse Stable in the Fural Plains in Tears of the Kingdom. From the Stable, go behind it and you will find a falling Platform which you can use to move up with the recall ability. When up on the hill you can see the Shrine to your left and glide towards it.

If you are near the small camp in Haran Lake where you found Calissa, you can move northwest towards the Guchini Plains. There will be a wardrobe on your way.

Passing around the enemy, move towards the hills and there will be a valley next to the Shrine and you will need to climb the hill to get to the shrine. Both paths are shown in the map below.

Faron's Utsushok Shrine location route in Tears of the Kingdom

Where to find the Faron Sky Shrines in Zelda: TotK

Faron Sky has two shrines you can get to. Both are situated close to one another and you will only need to reach one to find the other.

Joku-usin Shrine

The Joku-usin Shrine is in the Faron Sky Archipelago in Tears of the Kingdom. To reach there, you will need to start from the Great Sky Island.

Before you start your journey to the Shrine, remove all iron Weapons and shields so that you don’t get hit by lightning. Head to the southern tip of the island, where you found the Room of Awakening.

To the left, there will be a small island with a ledge to your right in the shrine as shown below on the map.

You can jump from here and glide all the way while using Tulin’s wind boost to reach the Archipelago quicker. The Thunderhead Isles are below the Great Sky Island and you can glide towards the isles easily. You can also make a gliding machine if you don’t have Tulin’s boost or you can’t reach the Isles.

When on the first and northern island of Thunderhead Isle, move towards the southern island of the archipelago.

The first island is shown in a yellow circle on the map below. You can hop from island to island or glide and skip the majority. There is a Mighty Zonaite spear on the island in the middle.

Faron's Joku-usin Shrine location route in Tears of the Kingdom

From here, jump and glide towards the south, there is a ledge near the bottom of the island. Use ascend to head to the top. Next jump to the next island and climb on.

Now, you will need to make a ramp to move to the next island. Head through the structure and the arch. Jump through the gap and then head up the stairs to the left.

Next, ascend to the top of the island. When on top, head to the leftmost corner and jump and glide toward the circular platform.

Here head south and there will be a track. Next to the track, there will be a T plank. Position the plank and attach a fan in the back to move it. on the plank, you will need to ascend and look for the right moment. When on top you can find the Joku-usin Shrine to the south.

Joku-u Shrine

Joku-u Shrine is found in the Dragonhead island of the Thunderhead Isles at coordinates 1071, 3345, 0785.

To reach the Joku-u Shrine, move to the ledge, Southeast of the Room of Awakening and towards the ledge shown in the purple circle above.

From here, glide towards the Island to the Southeast. On the island, there is a ledge in the front and you can jump from it to the islands in the far southwest as shown in the yellow circle in the image below. This will be a long glide so have Tulin ready or construct a plane to make the journey easier.

When you and the islands move south and in the end, you will finally reach the dragonhead Island. There will be a Goddess Statue in front of you. From the Statue, head south and pass the Device Dispenser.

The shrine will be inside the fort and you will need to climb the fort to access it. The location of the Joku-u Shrine is shown in the Red circle below.

Faron's Joku-u Shrine location route in Tears of the Kingdom

You can also use the path you used to get to the Joku-usin Shrine. After you have completed the shrine. You will find a Device Dispenser near the shrine.

Behind the dispenser, there is an island. From the far end of the island, jump and glide towards the island on Dragonhead Island. The island has a lake in the center of it. jump down from this island and into the fort to get to the Shrine.

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