Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Utsushok Shrine Walkthrough

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom all shrine locations are important to visit because they test different abilities and then later on act as travel checkpoints and one of them is the Utsushok Shrine.

Utsushok Shrine is a Shrine located in the Guchini Plain that tests a player’s efficiency for the Ultrahand skill using the paddle and ball systems in the ‘Long or Wide’ puzzle.

It requires players to unlock doors by positioning the paddles correctly and making use of other materials such as cubes and ledges.

If played through correctly, players will obtain a chest containing an elixir and the Light of Blessing at the end. So let us go to the Utsushok Shrine using its exact coordinates and location.

Where to find the Utsushok Shrine in Zelda: TotK

The Utsushok Shrine is located in the Guchini Plain in Tears of the Kingdom. Its coordinates are 0668, -3358, 0072, near the Fural Plain of the Faron Grasslands Region at the point marked on the map below.

Utsushok Shrine map location in Tears of the Kingdom

The nearest tower to the Utsushok Shrine is the Popla Foothills Skyview Tower on a cliff so players can also venture down to the shrine by moving south from this tower.


How to solve the Utsushok Shrine puzzle in Zelda: TotK

The Utsushok Shrine contains the ‘Long or Wide’ puzzle that can be solved easily if you know how to use the Ultrahand ability. You have to make use of the paddles and balls three times in three different ways while passing through this shrine.

This can be quite confusing if players do not know how to place the paddles and ledges correctly so let us look for the Utsushok shrine puzzle solution.

Unlock the 1st cage door

After entering the Utsushok Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom, look to your right and you will see a giant ball with a paddle next to it hanging from the top.

Use the Ultrahand ability to grab the paddle and take it all the way up so that it is somewhat horizontal in the air now.

Release the paddle so that it pushes against the ball with force and makes it go down the rail. Once, the ball is at the end of the rail, it will press on a switch to unlock the bar cage guarding a door behind the paddle.

Stand in front of the door and wait for it to open. Enter it once it is unlocked.

Unlock the 2nd cage door

In this room, go down the stairs and you will see a large cube to your right that you need to place somewhere else.

Grab the cube using Ultrahand and attach it to the paddle and ball system in front of you. This is done so as to increase the force with which the paddle hits the ball.

opening the cage doors in Utsushok Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

Now use Ultrahand once again, and pull the paddle and cube system all the way back and once it is at the top, release it to create greater inertia.

This will push the ball on the rail which will once again result in the opening of a switch unlocking the door behind.

Unlock the 3rd cage door

Now go to the next room, and you will find a paddle and ball system here also but this time the paddle will be smaller and will not reach the ball.

You can remedy this by grabbing a ledge lying on the ground and attaching it to the paddle in such a way that it increases its length as shown in the image below.

Now take the paddle all the way back and release it to hit the ball that will travel on the rail and unlock a bar cage on top of the room.

Ride the cart

From the unlocked bar cage, a rail cart will appear and travel down on the rail. Now take the ledge off the paddle and place it again on the ledge but horizontally this time as shown in the image below. This will help you push the cart.

riding the cart in Utsushok Shrine

Now get on the cart and push the ledge and paddle system using Ultrahand which will make the cart go up the rail.

Collect the chest

While going up, you will see a chest to your left on a ledge mounted on the wall that you can grab using Ultrahand.

Utsushok Shrine chest location in Tears of the Kingdom

If you missed the chest, you can use the Recall ability to go back and then grab the chest. Once, you have acquired the chest and opened it, you will be rewarded with the Sneaky Elixir that grants you stealth.

Interact with the altar

After collecting the chest reward, ride the cart again and push it up the rail using the ledge and paddle system just like before.

This will lead you to the end of the rail where you will go up a flight of stairs and then interact with the altar at the end to end the Utsushok Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom.