Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Gerudo Town Walkthrough

This The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Walkthrough will guide you through the Gerudo Town, how to enter it and how to defeat the Divine Beast Vah Naboris and where to trigger the next memory.

Link’s journey will take him to the far southwest of the world where he will meet with Gerudo Tribe. However, if you have not already, you will have to unlock the wasteland tower to reveal the area and the journey ahead is very treacherous.

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Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Gerudo Town

To get to the Wasteland Tower, fast travel to Keh Namut Shrine which is to the west of the Great Plateau. Leap off the Great Plateau towards the west and while paragliding you will a road just glide over there. As you land on the road, head north towards the Central Hyrule.

On your way you will encounter some Bokoblins riding horses near a bridge, defeat them and grab a horse.

Head towards the south and since the area is not yet revealed it is easy to get lost. Just keep going south and you will see a sign for the Gerudo Canyon Stable.

Continue n this path and a little further ahead there will be a shrine to your left, clear it if you want to. From the shrine, the path is quite straightforward towards the north. A little ahead you will enter a valley and the Sheikah Tower is off on top of the mountain to the west.

Continue heading north and you will locate some pillars that are just taller than Link and have yellow lights. You will find a character near here who will give you a side quest.

Keep going and a little further ahead you will find a second one on the left and there will be a series of platforms allowing you to scale the mountain. Climb the platforms and eventually, you will run out of platforms and will have to run on flat planks.

A little ahead you will find a ladder, so climb it and continue along the series of platforms and climbing ladders as you find them. As you reach the top you will see the tower is not that far but also it is not too close.

There will be a curvy road taking you to the tower and since the cliffs are not particularly high you can just make your own way. Keep going and you will make it to the Wasteland Tower.

The water surrounding the tower is hazardous and Link will take damage.

Use the Cryonis ability and make a series of ice blocks and jump across to the tower. If you have enough stamina boosts you will be able to make it to the safe platforms on the tower.

However, if you don’t then make a series of ice blocks to the large rock tower right next to it and climb to its peak. Leap towards the Wasteland Tower and climb up and use your Sheikah Slate to reveal the map.

From the tower, you will have to go make it to the Gerudo Canyon Stable which to the northwest from the tower. Get to the Gerudo Canyon Stable and talk to the characters here if you like and multiple side quests will be triggered.

The main purpose of Link’s visit to this stable in Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild is to talk to Maypin who will be walking around with a horse.

Purchase Warmer Darner and Cold Darner to cook an elixir to resist cold and heat, as you will need both because in the desert it is hot during the day and cold at night.

The Gerudo Town

From the stable follow the path to the west and you will reach the Gerudo Desert Gateway. Keep going west, as you get close to the Kara Kara Bazaar the cutscene will trigger showcasing the Divine Beast of this region.

Look around and purchase items in this area if you like and after that travel to the west towards the Gerudo Town.

Keep going ahead and near the entrance of the Gerudo Town there will be Daqo Chisay Shrine, so clear it if you like to. The guards will stop Link from entering the Gerudo Town as only females are allowed to go in the town.

Go to the shrine towards the north and you will see a man named Benja, who will tell Link that a man who was able to successfully sneak into Gerudo Town and can be found between Gerudo Town and Kara Kara Bazaar.

Go back towards the Kara Kara Bazaar and enter the there will be a large building and the mysterious man can be found on the roof during the daytime. Just pass the time near the fire till noon and climb up the building and you will find the man.

Talk to the Vila and he will be dressed as a Gerudo woman and for 600 rupees he will sell the outfit to Link. Now go back to the Gerudo Town wearing the outfit and guards will let you in. Head up on the stairs and meet up with Riju, the Gerudo Chief.

Riju will tasks Link to find the stolen Thunder Helm and using the Thunder Helm will be able to reach the Naboris. Link will be directed towards the barracks to meet up with Captain Teake.

Talk to Teake and she will tell Link that Karusa Valley is the location of the thieves that stole the helm. Travel northwest towards the Karusa Valley, as you get closer the rocks will start to drop off the cliffs so be careful.

Keep going ahead until the sand is no more and the temperature will return to normal and you don’t have to worry about the elixirs. Along the way, you will encounter Yiga warriors, defeat them and go ahead. You will come to a room that has a bunch of torches.

Use your torch to light up the curtains and there will be items hidden behind them. Link has to light up the curtain that is third from the right. Climb up the steps and Link will arrive at Yiga Clan Hideout. You will find a Gerudo by the name of Barta imprisoned here.

She will give you a clue that Yiga love bananas and Link will find some bananas right next to the cell.

Now you will have to do stealth, just go past the Yiga without being spotted and sneak out from the exit.

Ahead there will be a large ladder and drop down from it and there will be more Yiga ahead. Again, sneak past them and get to the exit and run to the next room.

Use your Magnesis ability to locate a hidden wall and run to the next room.

Here Link will face the Master Kohga, Leader of the Yiga Clan. During the first phase of this boss battle, Kohga will create a boulder and toss it towards Link.

Attack him while he is holding the boulder over his head causing the boulder to drop on him and leaving him stunned.

Now Kohga will summon two boulders at once just do what you did before. In the last phase of this battle, Kohga will summon a large ball and will control it with some magnetic power.

Use the Magnesis ability and throw the ball back at him. Repeat until he is defeated and acquire the Thunder Helm.

Memory Location
Now go back to the Gerudo Town and speak with Riju but she will not be in her throne room but will be upstairs. Go up the stairs and a cutscene will trigger and soon as Riju places the Thunder Helm it will trigger next memory for Link.

After the cutscene, Riju will then ask Link to meet her at the lookout post just south of town.

Go and meet her and she will give Link some Bomb Arrows as they will be required to take down the Devine beast and together they make their way to the Divine Beast Vah Naboris.

Just follow Riju and don’t try to gain speed just stay in the protective circle as you will not be damaged by Divine Beasts Vah Naboris’ electric attacks.

Use the bomb arrows to hit the legs of Divine Beast Vah Naboris. Hit each leg twice and a cutscene will trigger Link boarding the Divine Beast Vah Naboris.

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