Zelda: Breath of the Wild Gerudo Secret Club Password Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Gerudo Secret Club Password in order to join the Gerudo Secret Club that is in Gerudo Town.

The Gerudo Secret Club in Gerudo Town of Breath of the Wild isn’t just any secret club which offers players bragging rights on being part of it. In fact, there are two armor sets in the game which are really difficult to obtain without being a part of the club.

While it is known that the Gerudo Secret Club is in Gerudo Town, joining it isn’t easy and players need a password to become a member. That is where this Breath of the Wild Gerudo Secret Club Password guide comes in.

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Zelda: Breath of the Wild Gerudo Secret Club Password

To reach the club, players will need to go to the northern part of Gerudo Town, to the Noble Canteen. Inside the Canteen, players can hear some women discussing the secret password to join the secret club.

Unfortunately, these ladies are highly aware of their surroundings and stop talking when they spot Link trying to eavesdrop.

In order to make them divulge the information, players need to leave the Noble Canteen so they resume their conversation.

Once outside, players can head upstairs, enter the room and proceed to the right side.

From there, if they stand near the wall they can easily listen in on the conversation without alerting the women. This way, players will learn the password to joining the Gerudo Secret Club which is given below:

G, S, C, Diamond

With the password, players can now proceed towards the location of the club. For that, they need to go the southeast corner of town to find a door in an alleyway which leads to a shop. Entry through the door will require the password which the players just learnt.

Once players have access to the Gerudo Secret Club and the shop that comes with it, they can obtain the Radiant and Desert Voe armor sets.

The Radiant armor set draws skeletal enemies to Link but also allows him to deal more damage. On the other hand, the Desert Voe armor increases shock resistance and heat resistance.

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