How To Get Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Desert Voe And Radiant Armor Sets

Among the many unique armor sets in Zelda Breath of the Wild, the Desert Voe and Radiant armor sets stand...

Among the many unique armor sets in Zelda Breath of the Wild, the Desert Voe and Radiant armor sets stand out because of some truly useful bonuses they offer. Considering every armor set in Zelda BOTW is specialized towards something, like the Rubber armor against shock damage, the Desert Voe armor and Radiant armor are useful for survival in the Gerudo Desert.

Gerudo Desert in Zelda BOTW is hiding a lot of secrets and collectibles that can be found by exploring its every nook and cranny. The problem arises with the scorching heat during the day that can deprive Link of his stamina and kill him if he stays too long in direct sunlight.

Gerudo Desert is particularly cruel because of the scarcity of shades and ruins you can find in it. The trouble is doubled with the sandstorms as you progress deeper into the desert towards the South, making it impossible to find your way in due course.

But every problem has a solution and this time it arrives in the form of two armor sets; Desert Voe and Radiant. These armor sets can be purchased from the same place in Gerudo Town. To enter Gerudo Town, Link needs to be dressed as a woman or he won’t be allowed at all. Don’t even try to sneak in.

Female Link dress can be purchased for 600 rupees from Vilia. He is available on the roof of the general store in Kara Kara Bazaar during the daytime and is dressed like a woman.

How to complete Secret Club’s Secret side quest

Once inside Gerudo Town, make your way to the bar. From the main entrance door, turn right and go under the archway. Climb the steps to the right to enter the Gerudo Bar. Go to the back of the bar and listen to the ladies sitting there.

The topic of their discussion is a secret fashion club but only the members who know the password can enter it. Obviously, they are not going to tell the Secret Club password to an outsider like Link.

Get out of the bar and climb the opposite stairs to enter another house. Go to the back room and press the interact button near the right window. This will allow Link to eavesdrop on the ladies and he will learn the password, which in every case is GSC(diamond).

Now go back and exit the area through the same archway. Keep going straight and enter the next area (archway to the left of main door). Interact with the first door to the left. The person will ask you about the password to enter the club.

If you answer wrongly, you will have to wait until the next day. Reply with the password you heard from the ladies to enter Gerudo’s secret fashion club. This marks the completion of Secret Club Secret’s side quest.

How to get Zelda BOTW Desert Voe armor set

How to get Zelda BOTW Desert voe armor set

The Desert Voe armor set in Breath of the Wild is displayed in front of the shopkeeper’s table and can be purchased with rupees. There are no extra requirements to purchase this attire. Desert Voe armor set provides Heat Resistance and can be upgraded at Great Fairy Fountains.

Equipping all three pieces trigger a set bonus, Heat Resistance Up by a great amount. Fully upgrading all the armor pieces and equipping them triggers an additional set bonus, Shock Damage Resist.

Desert Voe Trousers

These can be purchased for 650 rupees and increase the damage protection to 3.

Desert Voe Spaulder

This can be purchased for 1300 rupees, and it offers 3 base damage protection.

Desert Voe Headband

This can be purchased for 450 rupees, and it provides 3 base damage protection.

How to upgrade Desert Voe armor set

Desert Voe Armor set can be upgraded at the Great Fairy Fountains with proper materials. Each upgrade improves the defensive quality of each Armor piece by a good margin.

Level 1: 3x White Chuchu Jelly.

Level 2: 5x White Chuchu Jelly, 3x Ice Keese Wings.

Level 3: 8x Ice Keese Wings, 3 Icy Lizalfos Tails.Level 4: 8x Icy Lizalfos Tails, 5x Sapphire.

How to get Zelda BOTW Radiant armor set

How to get Zelda BOTW Radiant armor set

In the back of the same shop, there is another armor set on display. This luminous attire can’t be purchased with rupees only. Link needs to dish out some luminous stones in addition to cash to get his hands on this bizarrely beautiful set.

Radiant Armor set in Breath of the Wild allows Link to blend in with Stal enemies (all pieces must be equipped) and he can even sneak up on a Stal horse to ride it. Radiant Armor Set can be upgraded at the Great Fairy Fountains. A fully upgraded Radiant Armor Set triggers a set bonus, Bone Weapon Attack Up. Radiant Armor Set glows at night with a skeleton pattern marked on it.

Radiant Shirt

This shirt can be purchased for 800 rupees and 3 Luminous Stones. It offers 3 base damage protection.

Radiant Tights

These can be purchased for 800 rupees and 3 Luminous Stones. Base damage protection of this armor piece is 3.

Radiant Mask

This headpiece can be purchased for 800 rupees and 3 Luminous Stones. It also offers 3 base damage protection against enemies.

How to upgrade Radiant armor set

The important material required to purchase and upgrade the radiant armor set is the Luminous Stone. These stones can be farmed from the Luminous Stones Deposits in Gerudo region. Here is a list of all the materials required to upgrade the Radiant Armor set at the Great Fairy Fountains.

Level 1: 5x Luminous Stones, 3x Bokoblin Guts.

Level 2: 8x Luminous Stones, 3x Moblin Guts.

Level 3: 10x Luminous Stones, 2x Molduga Guts.

Level 4: 20x Luminous Stones, 1x Lynel Guts

These are two of the best attires you can find, purchase and equip if you want to explore the Gerudo Desert without worrying about its harsh environment.

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