How To Unlock New Weapons In Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts has eight weapon options out of which you are going to unlock five in the first chapter and the remaining three afterwards.

Everyone starts Wild Hearts with the same weapon, the Karakuri Katana. Even though it is a potent weapon, it might not be according to your playstyle and you may still want to know how to unlock new weapons in Wild Hearts. You don’t have to worry, as we are here to help you out in getting all the weapons in the game.

How to unlock all Wild Hearts weapons

Unlocking the first five weapons in Wild Hearts is a relatively easy job. One weapon, the Karakuri Katana is unlocked from the start, and the other four can be unlocked after conversing with the blacksmith, Natsume.

The conversation will happen after you get defeated by the ice wolf, Deathstalker, at the start of the game. After you return back to life and progress further, you will encounter the unconscious blacksmith Natsume. She will ask you to hunt down Ragetail, a squirrel-like creature in Wild Hearts.

Once you help her out and talk, she will tell you that she can craft weapons and armor to help you in your hunts, provided she has an area to work. Now you can build Field Forge at the camp, allowing you to craft four new weapon types in Wild Hearts. So now you have five weapon types in the game.

  • Karakuri Katana
  • Nodachi
  • Bow
  • Maul
  • Bladed Wagasa

Once you have unlocked the aforementioned five weapons in Wild Hearts, you will be left with three more weapons to unlock. These are incredibly powerful and are not as easy to unlock as the first five.

How to unlock the Hand Cannon, Claw Blades, and Karakuri Staff in Wild Hearts

The first thing you need to do on your quest to unlock all weapons in the game is to complete Chapter 1. Following that, you need to defeat five Kemonos and speak with Natsume to have her craft the Hand Cannon, Claw Blades, and Karakuri Staff for you.

The first thing you must do to progress and unlock the remaining weapons is to defeat the Kingtusk. Kingtusk is a mighty boar-like Kemono that will be blocking passage to Minato city.

Only after defeating Kingtusk, the path to Minato will clear up and you can enter the city. Once that is done, you can move toward the next Kemono.

The next Kemono is the Spineglider but to encounter it you must travel to the second region of the game, Natsukodachi Island or the Spirit Isle. The Spineglider is a ferocious behemoth whose power resides in the element of water. Defeat the Spineglider to move forward in the story.  

After defeating the Spineglider, you will soon get a main quest in which you have to defeat two enemies: Gritdog and Lavaback upon Toga-Hime’s request.

Defeat the Lavaback whom you will encounter in the Altar Ruins. Lavaback is a cunning, gorilla-like Kemono whose power resides in lava and fire.

The next step is defeating the Gritdog, an intelligent Kemono found in the Rogue Wave Reef region of the Natsukodachi Isle island. This Kemono conjures ferrous materials by manipulating magnetic fields and uses them in a variety of attacks.

After taking out the above 4 bosses, you need to progress forward until you get into an encounter with a monster called Earthbreaker. This beast is the last one on the list of Kemonos you need to defeat to get the three weapons. Found in Harugasmi Way, this stone Kemono will give you a hard time as all basic attacks are futile against it.

Now, you will get to the last step of unlocking all new weapons in Wild hearts. Attend the festival, and once it is over, head back to the Forge and talk to Natsume.

Once done talking, you will also get the option to craft the remaining three weapons. You can now craft these three weapons in Wild Hearts.

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