Wild Hearts Lavaback Boss Guide

Lavaback is a gorilla-like giant kemono in Wild Hearts that derives its energy from molten lava. It has an impressive arsenal of blazing fire attacks that can shoot you down at any target range.

But what makes the Lavaback so irritating to face off against is its cunningness and nimble nature. You will have to be on your feet when facing off against its molten madness.

Lavaback location

You will first see the Lavaback fighting to defend its territory against a Spineglider at the Altar Ruins. At this moment you get a few hits in against the molten gorilla using a ranged weapon.

Lavaback location in Wild Hearts

If you fail to fight the beast at this moment you can search for it at the Akikure Canyon and Harugasumi Way. These are the current known habitats for the beast so when you are prepared to face off with it, venture over to these lands.

Lavaback weaknesses

Lavaback is a molten beast in Wild Hearts that possesses the Fire attribute to deliver blazing strikes. Its Fire attribute also grants it immunity against other Fire elemental attacks as well as the Ablaze Ailment. Using any fire-based weapon against the Lavaback is therefore futile.

The Lavaback also has decent resistance toward some other elemental Attributes including Wood, Wind, and Earth. The Frozen and Entangled Ailments also have little effect against it so other options should be considered.

Water is the natural elemental weakness here for Lavaback as well as any other Fire-based Kemono. You will need to use a Water-based weapon or attack to do the most damage.

You must also take advantage of the Lavaback’s Physical Weaknesses and deliver more Slash and Pummel attacks toward it.

Furthermore, note that using Poison and Fatigued Ailments will prove highly effective against Lavaback as well.

You can also target certain body parts of the Kemonos to take advantage of the Part Softness mechanic.

The Lavaback is especially weak when hit at its Head and Body. These body parts are the Lavaback’s soft spots, so be sure to target them to deliver the most amount of damage per attack.

Other body parts like Arms and Legs are better protected and will receive significantly less damage per hit. It is best to avoid targeting the Lavaback’s Tail and Back since they are the most protected areas which don’t get damaged easily.

How to defeat Lavaback in Wild Hearts

Before taking on the Lavaback you must make preparations as you would do for each battle. Your resistance and durability are key to surviving the battles so must try to increase them before facing off against the beast.

Use Bulwark and Pounder Karakuri

You can use various Karakuri to aid you in this battle. If you notice the beast’s attack patterns you can see that the Lavaback will often use charged attacks to take you down.

You can use this time to place Bulwarks and Pounder to stun the beast and deal devastating amounts of damage.

Attack Lavaback between Intervals

Staying on your feet and timing your dodges is key in this battle. Since the Lavaback will throw a variety of different attacks toward you, you won’t have time to sit comfortably in a spot and deliver damage.

Target Lavaback’s soft spots

Make sure to attack all of its soft spots in Wild Hearts. That is how you do the most damage to Lavaback. Hence, start with its head followed by its body.

Use Fumebeak Weapon

While fighting Lavaback, use the Fumebeak weapon as well since it will allow you to give the Lavaback the poison ailment. To obtain the gear you will however have to take out the Fumebeak beforehand.

Beware of Lavaback Enraged State

Once the majority of the Lavaback’s health is slashed, this kemono will enter into an enraged state making his attacks even stronger. Most of his attacks are now going to be followed by a lava explosion that spreads embers.

When the lava projectiles come towards you, you need to get away as far as possible using Glider or Spring Karakuri. After all these explosion, you will have an attack window that you can use once the Lavaback heals.

Choose the best defense against Lavaback

Try to face the previous monsters like the Spineglider to do so. Since the Lavaback is going to be shooting off fire blasts and molten rocks toward you, getting some decent fire resistance coverage is key here.

Go over to the Forge and get gear amour that has good fire resistance coverage. You must ensure that all your armor shows a positive fire resistance rating. It is very important to switch out those with a negative rating.

The most suitable armor that you can acquire at this stage of your playthrough is the Fumebeak’s full armor set. This will grant 23 Fire Resistance that will help you survive the Lavaback’s fire attacks.

Lavaback materials and drops

Should you manage to beat the large gorilla beast you can scavenge its body to obtain several useful materials and drops.

  • Lavaback Fang
  • Lavaback Hide
  • Lavaback Tail
  • Lavaback Beard
  • Lavaback Mudstone
  • Lavaback Spine
  • Rare Lavaback Tufa
  • Ninja Teardrops
  • Ninja Kemono Blood
  • Zephyr Crystal

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