Wild Hearts Gritdog Boss Guide

Gritdog is a powerful kemono in Wild Hearts that can utilize force and intelligence in a variety of different attacks. This intelligent Kemono can use the magnetic field to channel ferrous material in Ironsand Attacks.

Gritdog can make karakuri-like structures that appear from the ground that can deal massive damage if not avoided. The only time you would be able to attack Gritdog without any defensive moves is when his iron reserves are depleted.

You can take that moment to attack as much as possible and will not receive damage in return. Keep in mind that this kemono is an intelligent creature therefore you need to use a variety of attacks on him rather than the same attacks.

Gritdog location

Gritdog is a kemono monster that can be found in the Rogue Wave Reef region of the Natsukodachi Isle island. Due to the massive size of this kemono, he won’t be very hard to miss when locating.

Gritdog weaknesses

The weakness of Gritdog in terms of physical attributes lies in the Wind and Wood and elements attacks. Likewise, Gritdog will take the most amount of damage from the Lunge and Slash physical attacks.

Moving down to the ailments, Gritdog is weak against the Poisoned ailment, and he is most powerful against the Ablaze ailment.

Most of the damage-dealing attacks of Gritdog will be in the form of Earth attributes. Therefore, it’s fitting to invest in armor with high earth resistance like Basara set.

To deal the most amount of damage, you need to target Gritdog soft spots. The weak spots of Gritdog are the Head, Front Legs, and Body. Aiming for these spots will promise the maximum amount of damage.

How to defeat Gritdog in Wild Hearts

As Gritdog is weak against the Wood attribute, choosing any weapon with Ragetail line will be most effective.

We have already discussed above that the Gritdog weakest part is his head. Go for as many attacks as you can manage on his head and don’t stop even when he is knocked down.

You will deliver maximum damage on his weak points when Gritdog is knocked down. As for less risky weak spots, you can aim for his body which will deliver consistent damage to Gritdog.

While fighting Gritdog, be on the lookout for the black particles or darkening of the ground. This is because these signs are a prerequisite for all the Ironsand attacks. These attacks can simply be avoided by walking away from the center of the attacks.

To stop and avoid the deadly elemental attacks of Gritdog, using Elemental Lantern Karakuri will be your best bet. This karakuri attack will not only save you from deadly attacks but also weaken its effectiveness.

The belly drum move of the Gritdog can have a magnetic affinity that can pull you toward him. This affinity can be negated by placing single or multiple springs of Spring Karakuri near the attack radius.

Keep in mind the Gritdog tail spikes will grow big when he is infuriated and because of that, all of the attacks will become more intense. Not only the intensity but the attacks will also have some form of element abilities included in them.

Gritdog materials and drops

The efforts in slashing this giant kemono down will all be worth it after looking at all the materials which he drops. The list of all the items and materials dropped by Gritdog are listed below:

  • Gritdog Tail
  • Gritdog Enteric Sack
  • Gritdog Claw
  • Gritdog Fur
  • Gritdog Incisor
  • Gritdog Iron Nugget
  • Rare Gritdog Stone
  • Grithide Teardrops
  • Grithide Kemono Blood
  • Small Zephyr Crystal

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