Wild Hearts Earthbreaker Boss Guide

Earthbreaker is a stone Kemono that you will encounter in the first chapter of Wild Hearts. Due to the creature’s tough skin, all the basic attacks will be useless.

The only way to bring this beast down is to target the soft spots marked on his body. The more you make Earthbreaker angry, the more soft spots will be revealed.

Earthbreaker has the ability to move the earth and can throw stones at the opponent. The Kemono makes a move toward Minato City to get more powerful. You need to stop this Kemono from reaching its destination, so knowing Earthbreaker’s location in Wild Hearts is crucial.

Earthbreaker location

Unlike other bosses in Wild Hearts, Earthbreaker needs not to be located; instead, it will come traveling toward you. The encounter will happen when you and Natsume set camp in Harugasmi Way.

Earthbreaker is planning to enhance his abilities through the resurgence of its Celestial Thread. For that reason, he will be traveling toward Minato which is a small town in the Wild Heart.

Earthbreaker weaknesses

To tackle this beast, you need to hit its weakness which lies in the wind and fire attributes. For that reason, we suggest using Glider and Spring Karakuri on him, which will massively slash his health.

Surprisingly, Earthbreaker is weak against none of the Ailments such as Poisoned, Ablaze, Fatigued, Frozen, and Entangled. The same could be said for his ailment strengths, as it has strengths for all ailments.

In terms of physical effectiveness, Earthbreaker’s weakness lies in the Slash, Pummel, and Lunge attacks. Remember that Earthbreaker has no weak points on the Hunter Arm, so avoid concentrating your attacks there.

For the weapon to be effective on Earthbreaker, it needs to be proficient in the Wind attribute. Hand Cannon is the best weapon for that, as it does massive wind damage.

When it comes to soft spots of the Earthbreaker, this kemono has no soft spot on his body. You can only use the Spring Karakuri in the second phase of the fight, as regenerating the Karakuri thread is possible.

How to defeat Earthbreaker in Wild Hearts

The fight with Earthbreaker is broken up into multiple phases as it starts off around the camp in Harugasmi Way. and in the next phase, the fight breaks off towards the forest region.

Phase 1

In the first phase of the fight with Earthbreaker, Hand Cannon is only the weapon you will be using courtesy of Natsume. To get the best out of the Cannon, let’s take a second to learn the controls.

Shooting is the only control you need to know about Cannon. The longer you will be able to hold the shoot, the higher the rate of fire is going to be. Just point and shoot.

While shooting the Cannon, you need to target and break Earthbreaker soft parts such as arms, neck, and back. These spots will be marked as blue, bright spots for better understanding.

On the other hand, the Earthbreaker will make the defensive move as he throws rocks with spikes on them. You also need to look for the underground attacks that the Kemono performs to inflict severe damage. These attacks are easy to dodge as you can always see them coming. You need to listen to the rumbling sound beneath the surface and just move away from that place.

Just take the rock manly and heal on the side when the health becomes too low. This way, you will be able to deal more damage in a short duration of time.

Phase 2

When you have slashed most of the health of Earthbreaker, the next phase of this fight will begin. He will move to the forest, and you can chase him to the spot using the Flying Vine zip line.

The second phase of the fight with Earthbreaker is exactly the same as the first one as you also have to attack his weak point to deal damage. The only difference in the second phase is that you will be accompanied by the Minato with his Crossbow.

In the second phase, Earthbreaker has four weak points which are located on his back. To destroy them, you need to climb on his back using the Flying Zipline.

When all the weak points on the back are destroyed, you will be launched back by him to the ground. Simply use the cannon to slash the rest of the Earthbreaker’s health to shift the fight into the final phase.

Phase 3

The final phase of Earthbreaker will begin when he has a third of his health left. This phase will be in the Nanoharo Field which can be accessed using Flying Vine.

During the final phase, there will be a massive bummer as you won’t have the Cannon to use therefore you have to rely on your regular weapons.

Talking of Earthbreaker’s defensive moves, he will now slam his arms on the ground to deliver shock waves. There will be a small window after each slam which can be used to make a move.

For him to stop making the slam attack, his arms need to be broken by attacking. He will then drop down to the ground as soon as both arms are broken. Use that opportunity to attack his weak points which are now on the forehead.

The armor on the arms will be regenerated by the Earthbreaker therefore you need to repeat the last step before you will be able to finally put him down.  

Earthbreaker materials and drops

The materials dropped by the Earthbreaker are of very much importance in Wild Earth as they can later be used to craft weapons such as Hand Cannon, Claw Blade, and Karakuri Staff.

But before you are able to use them, you need to complete his quests. The materials dropped by the Earthbreaker are below.

  • Giant Kemono Gem
  • Rare Earthbreaker Stone
  • Corestone
  • Ore
  • Mirror Stone
  • Plum Scent Crystal

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