Wild Hearts Deathstalker Boss Guide

Deathstalker is a wolf-like giant kemono that has the power of ice in Wild Hearts. This beast is capable of attacking you with ice crystals and freezing you to death.

A deathstalker can turn the ground to ice by just stepping on it. It also has territorial tendencies, so you must be careful while provoking a Deathstalker. When enraged, it becomes much deadlier.

Being a canine, the Deathstalker has unusual strength and speed. It takes an experienced monster hunter to take out this savage Kemono.

Deathstalkers can travel alone as well as in packs. The leader of a Deathstalker pack can be recognized by a distinct mark on its eye.

Facing a Deathstalker, you would want to be prepared by equipping yourself with suitable items that will deal the most damage.

You need to know the weakness and strengths of your foe to face it in combat and gain the upper hand against it.  

Deathstalker location

If you wish to encounter the Deathstalker boss in Wild Hearts, the first step is to be prepared and then venture to the Fuyufusagi Fort in Chapter 2. You can find Deathstalkers roaming around and at the top of this castle.

Deadstalker location in Wild Hearts

If you are able to fight off a Normal Deathstalker, you can also come across a ‘Mighty Deathstalker’. Mighty Deathstalker can be found in Fuyufusagi Fort or Spring Isle during Chapters 3 and 4.

Deathstalker weaknesses

The foremost attribute to deploy against a Deathstalker is Fire. Wind and Earth attributes can also grant you some effectiveness, but these are not on the level of Fire. Among Ailments, a Deathstalker is most vulnerable to Poisoned attacks, so spam these attacks to gain superiority in combat.

For Physical Effectiveness, Lunge attacks are the most reliable against a Deathstalker. Slash and Pummel can also help you, but your damage potency lies the most in your Lunge Attacks.

Combine your lunge and poisoned attacks to trigger a Deathstalker’s weaknesses. This will result in your triumph.

A Deathstalker comes off as a sturdy Kemono but has its weak spots. The Head and Tail of a Deathstalker are susceptible to damage, and you should target your attacks on these parts.

Its body can also take some damage, but it is pretty strong. Avoid attacking the Shoulders, Front Legs, and Hind Legs because it will do little to no damage.

How to defeat Deathstalker in Wild Hearts

Equip yourself with Icetusk’s Bandit Armor Set and Lavaback’s Claw Blade to take down a Deathstalker. You should also look into upgrading your Tsukumo as it will enhance your attacks, defense, assistance, and threader number.

As your best chance is to use fire-based attacks, Torch Karakuri is a must-have in combat with a deathstalker. You can also invest in unlocking fire slots in the skills tree to counteract the Deathstalker.

The Bulwark Karakuri lets you stupefy this Kemono and Pounder Karakuri adds to your inflicted damage. In addition to these, the Star Bomb Karakuri will help you against Deathstalker’s Freezing Fog and then you can use a Repeater Crossbow to execute your Lunge attacks before you get stunned by its Howl.

Protecting yourself against its claws, attack the Deathstalker’s head and tail to put up a spectacular fight.

A Deathstalker’s strength lies in its speed so you should always keep an eye out for its fast and unpredictable attacks. To protect itself, the Deathstalker will also execute a Charging Attack and Lunging Garb. Its Claw Attacks can cause a great deal of damage in a close distance combat.

Additionally, this beast can also make a shield of ice to protect itself which you can target from the front at back where it is vulnerable.

Deathstalker materials and drops

You can gain several items after defeating this Giant Kemono. Since you can combat the mighty version of Deathstalker in Wild Hearts, it makes perfect sense that you get several different items from its hunt. All these items motivate the players to take on the hunt of Wild Hearts Deathstalker.

DeathstalkerMighty Deathstalker
Deathstalker PeltDeathstalker Claw
Deathstalker Ice TaiDeathstalker Hide
Deathstalker IcicleDeathstalker Ice Water
Deathstalker FangDeathstalker Pogonip Bead
Deathstalker HideIcy Deathstalker Fang
Deathstalker ClawMoonshadow Kemono Blood
Argent Kemono BloodMoonshadow Teardrops
Argent TeardropsGiant Winter Lull Crystal
Deathstalker Ice BeadDeathstalker Floe Tail
Brumal Wind CrystalFrozen Deathstalker Pelt
 Glacial Deathstalker Icicle